Cliffs and water

@montagdude Just renamed my .arp and uploading it… see if this makes a difference?

DSC_1839-RENAMED.NEF.arp (56.9 KB)

You can immediately see this is a different arp file as the file size is different from the first you posted - 24kb vs 56.9kb.

This renamed arp file works as expected, thanks for reposting.

Glad it worked out but the puzzling thing is that I’ve only had a single .arp file … the one I created. I’ve never downloaded the OP’s .arp file. And the timestamps essentially match the time of my jpg creation posted at the same time.

Perhaps there was something odd taking place behind the scene on the forum server as I still cannot grasp how I could’ve provided two different .arps at different times. :thinking:

You didn’t. The problem is that the forum software assigned the same web-facing link to your original upload as it did to mine. Why this happened, I don’t know, other than to speculate that it has to do with the fact that both files had the same name.

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Interesting - I wonder if this happens often with repeated sidecar uploads by multiple users which are named after a single RAW source.

My try in DT 4.0.1

20220924_080517-DSC_1839.NEF.xmp (13.1 KB)

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