Color Calibration presets, t3mujinpack

Steven, Todd: first, I appreciate your response and clarification on what I should do.

So, I did as you suggested. I right clicked on the links, chose “Save Link As”, and thus downloaded about 7 LUTs into a folder. The LUTS are all Microsoft Edge HTML docs. In dt, I set the LUT 3D root folder in preferences to the folder containing the downloaded LUTS. With an abundance of caution I restarted darktable., brought up an image, went into darkroom, brought up the LUT 3D module. So far so good…

In the LUT 3D module:
a) I expected to find the LUTS in the right most tab (with three horizontal lines). They were not there.
b) I hover on the “folder” icon within the module. It says “Select a png, cube…”. I click on it. Up pops a “Select LUT file” dialog box for the folder containing the downloaded LUTS (which I had set in preferences). I don’t see those downloaded LUTS and thus can’t select one. I choose “All files” in the dialog box and thereby see the files I downloaded.
c) Selecting one of them has no impact on the image.

My guess: the files I downloaded are not LUTS. Opening one of them in Windows brings up the Edge browser with the (static) image of the GitHub page with the name of the LUT.

What do I need to fix to get over this glitch?!

No you just saved the html link you want the png file…

Yes, if I try to download the png I get this response on GitHub:

File not found

It may have been moved, edited, or deleted.

Should just click on the link and download?? If it doesn’t initiate then I think you should be able to right click now and then save file not save link

You can for a site like this also just go to the code button and download all the files as a zip file …then just extract and pick and choose what you want…

a) Right-clicking on the links allows me to open them, copy/inspect or save the link. Yes, I expected a “download” but that option is not there.
b) I downloaded the zip from GitHub - t3mujin/t3mujinpack: Collection of film emulation presets for open-source RAW developer software Darktable.. Zip file’s contents are all DTSTYLE files, not one in png format.

Are you looking in the Haldclut folder??


This is what I have… should be the same as what you get…

Yes, I have that. Were I to click on Code and download Zip, I get the dtstyles content.
The zip has a haldcluts folder but its contents upon download are empty.

At the higher level, before the download, if I click on haldcluts folder it shows the various png files within the folder. I can’t download them (in zip or png file) however.

If you click on each file (I open in a new tab), do you see a preview? If so, there should be a “Download” button above the preview that opens the image in the browser, and I can then save that image via the right-click menu. That works for me, other options give me an invalid PNG file. (I’m using Firefox 110, that might be relevant.)

Yes, I tried that option too: click on each png file, see a preview, click on Download.
Clicking on Download however shows me the contents of my Download folder (which included the previously downloaded zip files) but doesn’t download (what I expected and you say works for you): the individual png file.
My browser is Chrome.
Maybe I should try the same in Firefox…(though, technically, it shouldn’t make a difference).

Its the naming I think… the | character is used to create categories as you can with styles etc… if you rename those out of the file names you can work with them… So I cloned the project and renamed them… this will kill the categories but here they are…
t3mujinpack (56.8 MB)

Todd, you got it right, I downloaded your zip file, unpacked, copied over the png files, and can confirm–with delight–the LUT 3D module is able to pick up the pngs.

Thank you, I appreciate your help very much.

I’m also relieved that I’ve reached a stage where a problem I ran into was not of my own making! No guarantees I can remain in that zone…for sooner or later I will come up with ‘operator errors’ that are all of my own making…until, then, thank you and Steven and others who responded to this post!


I hope you find them of some use. It would be interesting to see how they compare to the associated style. There are a few sources of fuji luts and DT styles out there again I am not sure which ones are useful as I don’t make much use of them. I did at one point find a lut posted here by a member for Astia … it was actually quite nice in some cases…


Found it

Much easier to integrate a LUT into a Style I created: all I had to do was add the LUT 3D module to the Style, activate it if necessary, point it to the LUT folder, and test the various LUTS (as if they are presets in a module) and see how they impact the image…

Integrating a Style into my Style…ends up complicating things and putting me outside my small zone of competency…

Question: for every image, upon activation of the LUT 3D module I have select a file (in my folder of pngs) and then flip through the other pngs. Is there a way I can set the LUT 3D module so it automatically selects the folder of pngs (which I have also set in my Preferences)? that way upon activation of the module I’d have the list of pngs (much as I have presets in color calibration, color balance rgb, etc.)

Yes, via a preset. Just select one of the LUTs, save as a preset:

And then:

Hovering over the LUT name allows you to use the mouse wheel to scroll through the LUTs stored in that directory:

You can find more LUTs:
GitHub - sacredbirdman/luts: LUTs for photo processing (a single LUT)
GitHub - bastibe/Fujifilm-Auto-Settings-for-Darktable: Automatically apply Fujifilm film simulation LUTs, crop, and DR correction when importing images in Darktable
and some others I listed here:
darktable styles | Kofa's tech stuff

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Very good, Isvtvan, your help made me graduate to the next level with LUTs! thank you!

You might enjoy this read as well if you have not seen it… translate out of German to your selected language… there is a lua script I believe that will export your edit or style as applied to a lut so that you can use a look both from a style or a lut… if that is something of any use…

Thanks to Istvan’s and Todd’s help I now have a nice set of LUTS to emulate B&W film (and another set for color negative/slide). I can apply/experiment with them via the LUT 3D module. They offer greater variety than the smaller set of presets (for B&W film emulation) in the color calibration or color balance RGB modules.

It seems to me the presets in the color calibration module (Fuji Acros, Ilford films) or color balance RGB module (vibrant colors, natural skin, etc.) are the equivalent of applying LUTs (from the B&W film or color negative/slide sets of LUTs) in the LUT 3D module. Am I mistaken? Is there a material difference between using presets in the modules vs applying LUTS via the LUT 3D module?

Modules are in a different part of the pipeline and the cc is a scene referred module whereas any lut is going to be a set map of values ie map this to that sort of adjustment… So the degree to which they will look the same might vary image to image…that is my take on it…

Just dropping by to say sorry not noticing this thread at all :frowning:

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