Color Toning - Nothing happens?

You’re welcome :blush:

I’ve given it a try and the way the doc is written, I would say it will be correctly translated in 98-99% of cases. There will be some concepts like “toning” that sometimes are not correctly translated (like when it’s translated as “shift”), but it could be understood by context

I just let DeepL translate the text and read it (Thanks for the shift heads-up). The English RawPedia version should have that text included, be it translated by DeepL and roughly corrected.

Most of it I already figured out, but the text does explain why some of the things actually happen the way they do. Good to know.

I did learn something new though: The Virajes por canales ( :wink: ) part. I don’t use the individual channels often (hardly ever and only the blue channel). I now know why I have success using the blue channel (as in: does what I expect) and not with the other two.

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