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I’m a Lightroom user who is eager to ditch this piece of software for darktable. One of the things I use quite a lot in my presets is the HSL module. As I’m told, the Color Zones module in darktable is a rough (but more powerful) equivalent of the HSL module in Lightroom.

I’m trying to replicate the values of some of my LR presets in darktable, but I’m completely lost in darktable. For example, is it easy to translate the following LR values in the Color Zones modules in darktable? If so, how?

Thanks in advance

you can define similar areas in colorzones by ctrl+right click on the bottom line of the square (lightness, saturation, hue) you need to do this for each tab and then save this as a preset:

then check “edit by area” and drag the points on the curve - by scrolling yo can increase/decrease the range of affected areas (grey overlay)

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Thanks! Is there a precise way to add the 8 control points at the bottom keeping the same distance between them?

I understand, that you are aiming at replicating your lightroom settings. However, keep in mind, that you can adjust the color zone module in a very precise manner. When you use the color picker tool, you can define an area in your image (ctrl + mouse) and you will get an indication of the medium color and range of this area. This allows you to finely adjust any color range not only red, orange etc…

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There will be a preset for his with upcoming release 3.2

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@bipster I haven’t used LR for decades, but regarding dt, I believe that you also could have good use for the color balance module. More info here: and here Introducing a new color balance mode in darktable

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden