colorfidelity profiles in ART


I bought last week the color profiles for the Canon EOS R5 in Canon Camera Profiles

Now I have the problem that I do not know how to import them into ART xD

They come as a ZIP file inside including XMP files.

I have tried to load them individually as Processing Profiles (not any error but it does nothing) and also in Color Management Custom then I get an error, Error reading file.

They do provide lightroom instructions:

any help will be much appreciated! thanks a lot :wink:

If they are meant for ACR and LR, then they won’t be compatible with ART unfortunately.

if they offer them as dcp or icc profiles, then you can use them in ART. If they only come as xmp, as @afre said they won’t be usable I’m afraid…

Yep seems I wont’s be able o use them :s

I paid $25 not a big loss but just a pity maybe I could find a way to convert them. Maybe opening them in LR and then exporting them again ?

I mean, if you have an Adobe product handy, you could glean on what they did by moving the sliders back and forth and modifying the settings. Then you could translate the look by doing the same in ART, etc. … Or, as you just indicated, go by comparing what you get from the exports.

I was hoping for a more automated method hehehe I will ask the creator… maybe they know :wink: thanks!!!

Not sure what is in your xmp or if you could use this but you could explore…

Introduction and try this process in the reverse way it is described here. ie see if you can get your xmp to xml and make a dcp from it…might be a bit of work…
how to convert camera profiles (DCP to XMP or CSV) - Adobe Support Community - 11805362

So I think if I follow the process would be convert one of your raw files to dng. Then use dcptool to create the xml file. Then look in your xmp and see if you can transfer the relevant sections to the xml file and if you are lucky convert it back to dcp that you could use in ART

Dcamprof will also convert your dcp to a text file *;json …it might be easier to edit?? doing basically the same thing…

You can’t likely post the ones you paid for but if you can find a free version to share I could mess around and see what gives…

Seems to work in mac and windows only.

The creator of the profiles told me

"The next update they will be in dcp format so will work with RT.

No ETA yet on that at the moment."

I will keep you posted!! :smiley:

lots of free luts here…you can use those with ART…

Todd - it appears that what the company in question provides are alternative DCP profiles. They provide no technical details as to exactly what makes their profiles different, but they imply they are not supposed to be “look” profiles.

So it may be possible to get the OP’s desired results using How to create DCP color profiles - RawPedia

RT dev does have DCP profiles for the R5, but they appear to be much smaller than the dual-illuminant files that @Morgan_Hardwood usually generates using the above process.

I agree. Also for someone with the time the DNG Profile editor is a neat tool to modify DCP files if you have one…

Thanks for the link. I downloaded one of these free LUTs in a zip file. Inside the zip file there are two files: a xy.cube and a xy.3dl - how can I use this LUT in ART?
The free HaldCLUT package is a set of png-files.

See here:


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