Common Color Curves (Portra, Provia, Velvia)

Hi all!

I was fiddling with a new monitor this morning and getting @Morgan_Hardwood to help me get things set up (ty again), and while I was testing things I realized that I had never really put my most commonly used color curves out there for folks to use in RT.

So I took a few minutes this morning and translated the curve parameters from my usual GIMP curves, into a curves-only .pp3 for everyone.

Portra-Curves.pp3 (332 Bytes)
Velvia-Curves.pp3 (358 Bytes)
Provia-Curves.pp3 (296 Bytes)

These profiles will only modify the Tone Curve, and the R,G, and B curves. So all of your other settings will stay intact and won’t be modified (so these can be applied at any stage in your processing. (If you want to undo these changes, simply revert the RGB + Tone curves back to linear).

Of course, visual examples are all the rage these days, so…

![|690x690](upload://o1iR5EozjLe5oHUa2OOxID9VXtS.jpeg) Base ![|690x690](upload://vXzQmX3bKYU9dZSo3doepsKiJzk.jpg) Portra-esque ![|690x690](upload://zhfp37Nbdm0eg6xa1hyS1Aft8Rd.jpeg) Provia-esque ![|690x690](upload://lwwo2jRROAO4KkiBEurO9i00TIq.jpg) Velvia-esque

And for a shot at least with a little more environment in it, from the LGM photowalk:

![|690x516](upload://mVjgjR1e2L25lH3Uq4OeVvclZbZ.jpg) Base ![|690x516](upload://7oTvodai8Is0ZCzNLqFWWRWvq6r.jpeg) Portra-esque ![|690x516](upload://x59jwSnQd87JIcGYG26AM2dHMVT.jpg) Provia-esque ![|690x516](upload://kHAnrgPWDsdl8vpFEHe6v80o7sJ.jpg) Velvia-esque

Thanks for sharing!

My gut is to collect these into a git repo; does the RT community collect these in any specific way?


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Yep. it’s no secret that Petteri Sulonen is where these came from. He only had versions for GIMP/digikam though. I went ahead and translated them into something usable in RT.


love the velvia on portrait, thank you for sharing

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I’m a sucker for the portra-esque myself ;). I think I did use Velvia for one image recently:


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Now we have a git repository to collect all these lovely profiles in, @Morgan_Hardwood

@patdavid I think we should explicitly assign either the Apache or MIT license to these.


I see no compelling reason to licence the things so far in that folder under Apache, MIT, GPL, CC-* or anything.

  1. How would any of those licences even apply to a curve?
  2. Is a user seriously expected to ship a copy of a licence or whatever when they want to share a PP3 which uses a curve or a derivative of a curve from there?
  3. And abide by the licence if they move a point of the curve?
  4. Is shipping a copy of the licence supposed to apply when showing photos processed using a PP3 or a derivative of a PP3 from there? Who among us is to judge?
  5. When the PP3s in that folder increase in number and complexity, where is the threshold between a simple its-unrealistic-to-put-a-licence-on-this PP3 and a complex one, who is to draw the distinction?


Public domain sounds about right.

A simple “In the spirit of freedom, the contents of this folder fall into the public domain. A word of recognition, a link, a thank you, would make their respective authors glad if you use them.” would suffice.


Awesome, thank you for setting this up!

I agree. Also, if there’s a request for recognition, it should be directed to Petteri Sulonen.

Alright I can agree about the (non) license.

Are there any other pp3 anywhere I can add? I’ll also take pull requests. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the curves!


Has anybody made a usable RawTherapee pp3 for Fujifilm 400H ? I’ve been wrestling with it for ages now. Love Pat David’s cluts but really want to wrap my mind around what makes this preset tick.

I don’t know of anyone that has but I could probably take a look when I clear a little time from my schedule. Did you want one that replicated what’s available as a CLUT already?

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@patdavid Yeah I love the cluts that you made :slight_smile: I was attempting to replicate them in rawtherapee and can’t seem to get them right. I love how it gives the skin tones a more goldeny feel and …well many other things. Thanks a lot for your time!

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So here’s my work so far in attempting to copy the look of the Fujifilm 400H LUT as it comes with RawTherapee.

Apart from falling short of duplicating it, I’m also getting quite the different effect from the LUT than from the PP3. Here’s the samples.

PP3: FuhiFilm400H-Y-1-DES-6-iii.png.out.pp3 (8.6 KB)
Fujifilm 400H LUT (Rawtherapee):

My attempt PP3:
My attempt LUT:

Now I’m running RawTherapee 4.2.0, in Debian Stable. I wonder if it has some bug in it that causes the discrepancy between the pp3 and the LUT. Is there some compiled version of a newer version that will run on the Stable ?

Thanks a lot guys/gals, for your time and help :slight_smile:

Upgrade to a newer build!

I would but my debian stable is being a pain. :frowning:

don’t mean to be a pest; just wondering if there’s any leads on how the clut does the fujifilm 400H look :stuck_out_tongue: sorry for the bother and thanks in advance if yes