Compressed RAF: help needed.

The X10 doesn’t compress its raw files. If I’m not mistaken, here we’re trying to deal with compressed raw files support.

Ah, I see. In the exif, it says JPEG under compression, which made me wonder.

Good luck with your search.

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After a brief mail exchange with the original author[s] of the code, i’m now under the impression that such sample may simply not exist in the wild yet, it is possible that no current camera produces it.


I own Fujifilm X-T3 with bunch of lenses, what can I do? white balance information of X-T3 RAW is not recognized by Darktable at this moment and so I am relying on JPG.

the 2.6rc0 should be of use: darktable 2.6.0rc0 released

@rhonaldjr I have a simple solution: trade your X-T3 for my X-T2, the latter is perfectlly recognized :laughing:

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My Darktable handles the X-T3 just fine :wink:

Even with profiled denoise and all!

@paperdigits: I am glad, will give a try

@sguyader: nice try, will stick to X-T3 + JPG till the support is released.

@darix: really!!? mine keep throwing “failed to read camera white balance information from…”. I use uncompressed RAW and that could be the reason. Compressed RAW is recognized by DT I believe.

Morning, @rhonaldjr & welcome!

It sounds very surprising that uncompressed RAW should give you any problems. Usually, it is the compressed ones that can be tricky.

Which OS/distro do you use? Version?
What version of Rawtherapee?
Can you upload a sample image using and post the resulting link here?

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

Get the darktable 2.6.0 snapshots from here Install package graphics:darktable:master / darktable

Oh, I was just trying to help! :smile:

thanks, works. but it doesn’t detect the x-t3 (white balance is fine) camera (e.g. when applying lens correction)

Lens correction is handled via the lensfun library/project. I wouldn’t be surprised if the X-T3 isn’t in there yet, but you can make the measurements yourself to correct your lenses. Or from the terminal run lensfun-update-data (I think!).

the database is up-to-date. running lensfun-update-data returns No newer database was found for last installed Lensfun .

So I am assuming there is no much for X-T3 yet. At the moment I choose X-T2 for lens correction.

I use Darktable on Ubuntu 16.04.4. The file is uploaded here.

Indeed, I don’t see the X-T3 in this file: lensfun/mil-fujifilm.xml at master · lensfun/lensfun · GitHub

Morning, @rhonaldjr,

Thanks for the upload.
Brrr. Looks cold. Canada?

Your raf opens just fine in RawTherapee as well as in darktable.
True that rt/lensfun does not recognize X-T3 (yet),
but dt handles profiled noise profile fine.

I use the most updated git versions of rt and dt.

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

@Claes yes, it’s Canada and it’s -20 already (today). The RAF opens find in the latest darktable (link provided by @darix ) but there is no lensfun database update for it.

At least now I can work on the RAF images.

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