cryptomatte problem in natron

I have no idea how i do wrong but de cryptomatte node doesn’t do anything, any have a clue_

Can you describe what you’re doing?

I learn to use de cryptomatte in nuke, but wen do the same oparation in natron the result it´s the same, black screen and i cant pick any color.

Is any one use crypomatte in Natron? I have a problem with plug-in
in inet I find two way to use cryptomatte
Keying/cryptomatte_keyer and GLSL/Keying/Cryptomatte_GL
Which one is better to use?
And I cann’t see Cryptomatte_GL - in menu (over pluggins works well)
Is any one have the same problem? and how can I solve this?

Hi!! I redesigned the public cryptomatte plugin. I posted it in this forum to see if it can become the default cryptomatte for natron

Any suggestions and bugs just send me a message