CustomCHROME - Holiday Pack

Hey hey, it’s that time of year again… goodies, snacks, gifts …and photo frustration. CustomCHROME to the rescue. Here’s a holiday pack meant to take out some of the frustration of mixed indoor lighting.

Hope you enjoy it!


Once again, if y’all are using this (or any of the packs) for anything nice, feel free to share!

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I’d wish to include those settings directly in the G’MIC plug-in, if you’re interested.
But G’MIC does not read .pp3 files. Is there a way to apply those transforms to an hald-clut image (initially set to identity) so that G’MIC can retrieve the transforms as CLUT files ?

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Load the identity hald-clut in RT, apply the pp3 file and save the result.

There seems to be dozens of those files, isn’t it possible to apply .pp3 files from the command line ?


rawtherapee-cli --help


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@David_Tschumperle technically yes, but only for the most part. Here’s the deal; what people said here is technically true, however here’s the catch: RawTherapee has many features that would seriously mess a HaldClut up if applied to it (such as tone mapping), and I use a lot of those in many of the presets. Also when applying a RawTherapee preset on a raw file, it works in a much wider colour gamut profile than the HaldClut supports, so a few losses are bound to occur there as well.

So to answer your question, yes it is doable for the most part, and I am planning on adding a whole bunch of cluts to my collections …eventually. But some features will definitely not work that way.

I personally would love to have RawTherapee pp3 files for most of the Film presets in G’MIC, cause I love them …especially Kodak Portra and Fujifilm 400H :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad you enjoy the presets though! :slight_smile: I hope in the near future to get around to uploading some tutorial lessons, not so much on the topic of practically creating these, but in order to explain what combination of settings tends to work great for what given situation.


I think HaldCluts cannot pick up certain types of edits.

It depends on the size of the HaldClut, and in which color space it is created and used.

If the pp3 sidecars include global operations as for example Tone Mapping, they can’t be mapped to a hald clut!

@afre yes larger cluts can accommodate larget colour gamuts. As far as I know, the smaller cluts will end up approximating the in-between colours for where it’s beyond the native gamut.

I don’t know how HaldCLUT is actually coded and how it is implemeted so I may be wrong, but the above sounds incorrect. The CLUT’s size should influence only precision. It should have nothing to do with the color gamut.

@David_Tschumperle I’m going to produce a few hald cluts for you based on some of my favourite presets. If they end up working it would be awesome to have them included in G’MIC :slight_smile: Am quite flattered that you want to do that

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Hey guys, this goes out to @David_Tschumperle and anyone else that may know. @patdavid

1 Is there an android app that can apply cluts? maybe a version of G’MIC or IMAGEMAGIC
2 Would it be doable to create one? Would be nice :slight_smile:

Not sure if it’s what you had in mind, but this post outlines a method: A full Android FOSS raw imageing pipeline (tutorial)

Not sure who has android dev skill, certainly not me.

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My online film emulator works on Android. I’d be happy to include additional CLUTs as well. I might add support for custom cluts in the future too.

It does lack RAW support at the moment but at least from my experiments in the past there is little benefit to using RAW images on phones given how weak their performance is. But that could have changed by now.

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What’s the link to it?


Uploading an ugly selfie to your emulator looks more useful to me. With your model, everything is beautiful.

@Jacal Are you volunteering? :neutral_face:

I know this is so so so much later of a reply than is appropriate …but :stuck_out_tongue: I will indeed provide you with cluts to include in G’MIC if still desired. Also if you happen to want to produce any from the presets available at you have my full permission to do so and include in G’MIC :smiley: