Dark faces and overcast background recovery

Yes, it is.

The bit that throws me off are the lower left and right corners in the proprietary result which are a lot darker than they should be. But I guess most it does it some color grading desaturating the blues.

But shadow lifting has become much better. Some years ago both dartable and RT was really lacking behind in that.

Maybe he added a vignette …

Dave_playraw.NEF.pp3 (11.7 KB)

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playraw.NEF.xmp (23.8 KB)

I can confirm he did

hi @age, what is the pfi file for?


ah, thx

Thanks for sharing that with full history. Looking at your history I learnt that you light up the interesting region by using the color balance to tune the mid tones.
I have 2 questions:

  • Why did you sort the order of the modules so much?
  • How does the gray image help you find spots to work on (e.g. denoise)?

Looks good but I get an error when opening that:

[lut3d] invalid png header from /home/dave/Downloads/Lutify-me-Free-3D-LUTs-Package-1.6.0/Lutify.me Free 3D LUTs Package/3D LUTs/Color Grading LUTs/Standard (Rec709 and DCI P3) LUTs/Color/Polaroid/Polaroid PX-680 Warm 1 --.png

Any idea why? Or is it my system? Seems I get this with other xmps from here as well.

Well, it’s one of the downsides of the current LUT module from Darktable. XMPs can only reference those files but not embed them. So to make it work, you would have to get the Polaroid LUT file and adapt the path in the XMP. The devs are currently trying to integrate GMICs compressed LUTs which – in theory – could make them distributable.

This approach tries to get some more detail out of the highlights than the “proprietary software”. Also the colors kept quite “calm”. No drawn masks.

playraw.NEF.xmp (9.1 KB)

playraw.jpg.out.pp3 (12.0 KB)

Here is what I could achieve with PhotoFlow:

playraw-phf.pfi (49.1 KB)

Not bad, but could definitely be better in the highlights…


Im running the latest git version. Where can I download the Polaroud luts?

Here is my attempt with what I have learnt from you guys:
NP0_3366_05.NEF.xmp (26.5 KB)

They are linked in this post. Have fun!