darktable 2.6.0rc0 released

I’m simply stating that by that year, with the possibility of 99.9%, it will already be supported.
Now, which release will be the first one to support that, i don’t know.

I got code from repo, here is version
here is preview

and here is what is exported

I disabled and enabled haze removal and global tonemap few times DSC_1425_01.NEF.xmp (6.3 KB)
NEF link is https://drive.google.com/open?id=1jOpqa0Y8ytRmBeYqCtlfhIJnudMQrlUY

git +8 is quite old. please try to update to the latest and test again.

Thanks for reply. OK I am now on +50. There is difference but need to open outputs as layers and subtract them to see it. Checked output in EOM (Eye of Mate) and GIMP and preview is still way brighter than output. I am working on duplicate of image, Debian 9.6 Mate.

In the Lighttable view, using the Collect Images module, select Color Label.

In 2.4.4, it filters to the view to images that have any color label.

In RC0, it doesn’t filter at all, all images are still shown.

Not sure if this is a bug, but I don’t like the change in behavior.

The behavior of collect images module has been changed. In RC0, you can use “%” as wildcard and if you type it in the entry box of “color label” and then press the Enter key, it will show images with any color label.
I also prefer the old way because I must do more typing and clicks, now.

But RC0 is more consistent. For example in 2.4 georagging is listing all pictures with and without geotag. Whereas, as you noted, the colorlabel collect was displaying only the picture with at least one colorlabel.

Very good then!

I appreciate the new behaviour. However, could an option (default off) to automatically add a % where appropriate be helpful?

consistency seems like a good idea, except i would have liked it consistent the other way i guess, also because i’m a lazy typist (and it’s better for discoverability) :wink:

If you do it once, there is a “recently used collections” module directly blow the “collect images” and you can select “Color label %” from there.

You can also save it as a preset.


On windows build, dt (2.6.0rc0+9~g7ea67a074) crashes when cliking on configuration icon.
darktable_bt_5VOBTZ.txt (24.5 KB)

all my work is now merged into darktable 2.6rc0-1


You should not use global tonemapping and filmic together, they do the same things but differently. Filmic has been designed to speed-up the process and avoid 4 different modules to do one thing: salvage the dynamic range.

This is what I get with exposure + filmic only (took me litteraly 45 s):

DSC_1425.NEF.xmp (3.9 KB)

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except the deconvolution stuff, right?

the deconvolution stuff is not a darktable module yet, it’s more a R&D standalone lib with a Python interface.

Thanks for reply. Didn’t really look at code so do not know what it exactly does, will run doxygen on source during holidays and try to understand.

You can find the (almost finished) article I have been writing here : https://eng.aurelienpierre.com/2018/11/30/filmic-darktable-and-the-quest-of-the-hdr-tone-mapping/


Thanks for link, will visit it