darktable 2.6.0rc1 released

(Daniel Catalina) #22

I am trying the Windows build and there seems to be an issue with the lensfun database. The folder itself has the date from today (12.12.2018), but the files inside are dated 15.11.2015. Because of this, my camera (Fuji X-T2) is not there and the lens correction module does not work.

Is there a way on Windows to update lensfun db?


@Pascal_Obry thank you for your answers. I found these yellow scales. They work okay. Fill tool needs much learning. What scale should it target?

(Pascal Obry) #24

It all depends on the image. You can see the scale content by clicking on the left icon below the scales. Once you have seen which details you want to handle it is easier.

(Jack Tummers) #25

First of all, great new release. After struggling very hard in the beginning, I’m now finding my way in DT and use it every day. The only thing I still miss (and I already mentioned this in the DT mailing list / forum, is more/full support for iptc fields in the metadata editor. I have lived with the title, description and key words for a while, but clients are now requesting that I add more data and I can’t. I could install DigiKam and try to manage my images in there, but it makes the workflow slow and unconvenient. I really need extra fields like location, city, personinimage etc. I hope that this will make it into the next release, because these kind of things are as vital to managing photos as are all the nice editing tools ;).

(Pascal Obry) #26

Maybe time for you to step in and propose a patch for this. Most of what I wanted to see in dt I have now added them. Yours need may come at some point by someone with the same need, but best of all go ahead and it will get in sooner than later.


Hi @Daniel_Catalina, that’s my bad, I have not refreshed the lensfun database on the build environment when I have built RC1. Will be fixed in RC2

(Jack Tummers) #28

If only I knew how to do this ;). More than once I wished I had programming skills, but as a webdesigner and photographer I’m stuck in the visual world ;). So I am fully depending on other people. I could switch to Lightroom, but I’m also (pleasantly) stuck in the Linux world. For a new client I’m seriously considering buying a second desktop computer with Windows and Lightroom.

(Mica) #29

You can hire someone to write the code for you, as you’ve indicated you’re willing to pay for the feature.

(Jack Tummers) #30

Yes, or crowd funding.

(Kevin E) #31

This should be manageable via a LUA plug-in script. If you’re interested in learning some code I’d be happy to help to some degree in that respect.

There are some great online documentation for both the LUA language as well as dt’s LUA api. I will link them tomorrow.