darktable - driver timeout + black jpeg with blurs module

22.3.1 should be recent enough for this.

What I mean with the software is likely in the right hand side near the clock. Exit the program or something.

You can’t do it from the system tray. There’s only a hide option, but it still works in the background.
Based on the fact that my system runs absolutely fine with games and other graphics programs, this just seems to be a problem with the Blurs module and darktable, so I’m reluctant to mess too much with drivers, etc. I’ll probably just avoid that module now until I upgrade my GPU in the future.

games and other graphics programs … games use OpenGL instead of OpenCL which is a different story.

We had a number of AMD specific DT bugs in 3.8 , difficult to know if this a problem here.

You might have to increase that … the default has increased for 4.0

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I think this is not a darktable bug, but the AMD software is detecting a driver timeout and reacting to it. I think it would be wise for the OP to temporarily disable the AMD software to test if it is still a problem.

I agree and given this post there could be a variety of things at play…not DT related… good list of things to try here