darktable for Windows

I have glitch with parametric mask :frowning:

Please be more specific!

Yellow mask are missing :confused:

I’m using Win7 64x. I’m not a programmer, but I’m very happy to see the two main horizontal lines for buildings matching up (Perspective Control). I’ve made a change, am not sure how to save it. I pressed Ctl S. I see a 123.jpg.xmp file was created but not sure what to do with it.

My question: How does one save a change in Windows.

Changes are save automatically. You should see the module in the history stack… If you’ve made all the edits you want, you can export a tiff/jpeg from the lighttable view.

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Hi, me again. I found it:
Ctl E or
LIGHTTABLE, menu on right, choose EXPORT SELECTED

This is jpeg, and the image worked on, once exported, is half or less the size of the original jpeg. Not sure if this is normal (95% quality, 8 bit)

I suppose you mean the stripes? The white blocks are drawn in manually I guess?

What did you set as the max size in the export module? Try 0×0.

Yep, yellow stripes. White block are made by me. On some NEF files I have badly mask… And I dont know why…

Do you have OpenCL enabled? Maybe try disabling it in the preferences and see if that fixes it. Oh, and what version of Windows are you using?

Ok, OpenCl are disabled and… I see…

I’m on Windows 10 Home and after new update, Lenovo y700 15isk.

That’s very strange. Please file a bug report on https://darktable.org/redmine/projects/darktable/issues/new/ and attach the XMP and (if possible) a raw file that shows that bug.

Or at least specify the camera make/model

I just installed dark table on w10. I had initially the error reported earlier on (does not work if installed in program file folder). Uninstalled and re installed at the root of my C disk.
It worked fine, no crash and I was happy to see that my Canon 80D raw files were recognized.
I tested the program on some raw + xmp files previously edited under Lightroom 6 and I was happy to see that my history was recognized.
Just two bugs to report : the star notes are recognized as well as the color labels. However one file with a rejejected status was not detected as such by the filter.
All my files do have GPS coordinates and I was happy to see that my pictures were placed on the map.
There seems to be a bug here also : pictiures coded within France seem ok. However pictures out of France are not. One picture taken at Lisbon showed up on the map at Corsica. Another picture taken at Cap Vert was placed on Egypt.The bug seems to affect the longitude, latitude seems ok.

Best regards and thanks for having made dark table available to windows users

csierra 02

Do you have an example image?

I looked closer at the bug and now understand why it happens.
The longitude of Lisbon is 9° W and DT has imported it as 9° Eexif_LRexif_DT

We would need such an image to test and reproduce.

What do you need ? xmp file or raw + xmp ?
The raw is quite heavy…do you have a site where I can upload it ?


As the geolocation seems to be included in your raw file (I hope you didn’t break it while adding that info!) we will need the raw file.

Actually there are some cameras that have a GPS sensor and capture the
geolicalisation data in the file. My Canon 80D does not have this feature
so the gps data have been added after by a software and must be in the xmp
file. The Raw file is not modified after the shot. But I can send you the
raw as well, it is heavy, about 25 MB.
No I did not breake anything ;-), I am doing my tests on a copy of the raw
files :wink: