darktable for Windows

In ...\AppData\Local\darktable I have edited darktablerc, adding the language: ui_last/gui_language=en. This switched GUI to English. In my language (Slovenian, it seems to be very well translated), clicking the preferences button crashes DT every time, but it works in English.

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Thank you very much.

I also had the same problem as Peter. (error at start):
darktable_bt_UNAM5Y.txt (4.9 KB)

After your (@houz) instruction:

Darktable starts. :+1:

ATI Radeon HD 5400 Series

The equalizer module seems to work for luma and chroma, but the edges part of it does (almost) nothing ( for raw and jpg), is that normal behavior? (last edit, It works, I think, but it is very subtle)

latest, latest :smirk: edit: I found this on the darktable website: “Note that the edge parameter only affects the wavelet basis, not the image directly. You will have to change some denoise/contrast boost parameters to see an effect following adjustments to the edge parameter.” …
I think, this is the answer.

After some time working with equalizer, darktable crashed:
darktable_bt_MH9W5Y.txt (12.3 KB)

Just installed - started ok and responded well.

A minor thing: in the import-folder-dialog the drives appear in reverse order in the left panel:

Thanks, confirmed. The Slovenian translation has a bug. I fixed the crash, the translation has to be fixed by the person responsible. The fix will be part of the next snapshot that I hope to upload tonight.

That dialog is created by GTK, I am not sure if we can fix that. I’ll ask those guys about it.

It seems that Pascal added more to the PPA than what is officially included. You can probably add the extra XML files to the lensfun folder in the darktable installation. There might even be ways to have that update automatically and be put into your user directory, but I am not sure about that.

Just installed and imported a folder I already edited/developed with Linux and everything seems to work fine so far!

I just uploaded a new installer which fixes the crash in the preferences with a Slovenian GUI. It hopefully also fixes the crashes during startup in the OpenCL code – I have no way to test that so I would be glad if I could get some feedback. @iarga? @Peter? It also ships an updated set of lensfun data so more cameras and lenses are supported in the lens correction module.
Please uninstall the old version first, I am not sure what will happen when two are installed in parallel. It might work or it might burn down your computer and kill your dog.

The installer: (use link from 1st post instead)
The GPG signature: https://pixls.us/files/darktable-2.3.0%2B877~ga7c94723d-win64.exe.asc
sha256sum of the installer: 0aba859422212a547dadf6502a5a50cfa05d448f83ecb61f6c922e05f92aed42

Darktable starts now without error. Next week I will play more with darktable.

Edit: Till now, no crashes. I just find the right mouse button in the equalizer module :joy: :+1:
I will have a lot to discover the next week (and read the manual), I think. Thank you very much again.

I have just loaded the installer and Darktable works fine (windows 8.1, spanish language)


Testing on Win 10 64bits, no problem so far.

AMD RX 470 - OpenCL support not available.

Congratulations to the team!

darktable made me switch my home machine to Linux actually. I think I got used to Linux with its terminal and custom menus, panels, etc. and all the good tools like rsync or RPD too much now to switch back to Windows.

It is a great news for many users though so at an congrats!

And yet another build.

Changes since the last one:

  • Fix a crash when opening the import dialog a second time
  • Make darktable-cltest usable – it shows info about OpenCL support
  • Add version information to automatically generated backtraces

Installer: (use link from 1st post instead)
GPG signature: https://pixls.us/files/darktable-2.3.0%2B882~gd1e1e8d17-win64.exe.asc
sha256sum: a41e4132aac35fca1b6123088ae260d96020e179a5ae328c280b43d2f6666f28


I just installed Darktable on a W 10/64 computer and it is quite a program. So much for me to learn.

My question is when doing the most recent update I just installed it over the older version. Seems to work OK. Should I have uninstalled the older version before? I didn’t see this answered anywhere in this forum or online. Thanks.

Thanks @houz and darktable team. 3.4k views and counting. Guess people will stop asking about why you don’t cater to the Windows crowd and start annoying you about the builds all the time :ghost:.

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Is it possible to select a program language at the installation stage?


you can modify the darktablerc file with this entry:


(C stands for English)

Which program can this file be opened and saved?

Notepad is good enough. It s a simple text file

I have tried: ui_last / gui_language = C and ui_last / gui_language = EN and ui_last / gui_language = en. Nothing happens. Darktable starts partly in English and partly in Finnish.
My win10 is Finnish.
When I switched to the win10 system in English, Darktable started entirely in English.
What’s wrong here