darktable posts incorrectly posted in generic "software" category

There is a significantly high percentage of darktable-specific threads being posted to c/software and tagged darktable instead of being posted to c/software/darktable. I don’t see that happening with our other software categories, so I wonder why that’s happening. Does the darktable website, documentation, or any other relevant source, link to https://discuss.pixls.us/c/software instead of https://discuss.pixls.us/c/software/darktable ?
I would appreciate if someone looked into that.

I think it has to do with people’s posting habits or forum newbies discussing darktable. It happens with RT too but to a lesser extent. For a time, I helped edit some of the tags but I gave up after a while.

You know how an info box sometimes overlays the preview with a warning? Perhaps the forum gurus could add ones to educate people when they set a bad category / tag combo.

PS There is also the case where people overdo it; e.g., RT category and tag. I wonder if someone could make a script to trim these once in a while. Editing each is tedious.

I heard that explanation before, but the strong disproportion makes me doubt this to be the base, ergo this public post.

Related, in Welcome to the RawTherapee forum - read this first I wrote:

Official forum: you’re here. Or more specifically, you’re in the RawTherapee category of this shared forum. Other libre graphics software share this forum too, make sure you post in the right category!

Yes, there is likely another contributing factor. However, based on my PMs with people, many are just unaware of category and tag etiquette. I am guessing the dt influx might have to do with it being available to more people via Windows.

There are over twice as many RawTherapee posts as there are darktable posts.

If I see this while creating a new darktable related topic, would I be doing it okay?

To be frank, I have very little awareness of the different categories, because I never really see them manifested (like in ye olde forums where you are usually presented with a very hierarchical view: click forum, click subforum, click thread). When I visit here, I see the recent topics, never the overview of categories. Could that be cause of confusion for some people?

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Yes, that is correct.

All categories:

It’s actually a giant link at the top of the forum (maybe folks don’t notice it usually):


And this is something each user can set individually if they want the forum to default showing them categories at first:


Maybe I take this too personal since two forum veterans felt it was necessary to point out the existence of the categories button/page, but rest assured I know it’s there :wink: My point was that I just like the ‘Latest’ mode better and therefore don’t actively see the categories on a daily basis.

If ‘Latest’ is actually the default option for new users, the idea of categories might not be well embedded for everyone. If it is really an issue that topics are being put in wrong places, this default might need to change. Or users need to be educated otherwise.
Personally, I don’t see the potential issue that clearly, again, virtue of the ‘Latest’ mode.

I don’t think the comments were aimed at you and you should sort the forum however it works best for you :slight_smile: