darktable -vs- GIMP


Hi eager,

OK, fine. How do you save your images?
As .cr2 or as .jpg (or as both)?


I started by learning a few tasks

Good! Take your time, enjoy yourself and be happy for the steps forward that you will take :slight_smile:

The Gimp, darktable, and RawTherapee are all very good – the “problem” is to understand which tool to use when. Read the forum, search youtube, and experiment with your own photos.

But, most of all:
Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden


Hi Claes,

Thanks for sharing that link.

I’m not at home with the camera at this time but once I’ve snapped a
photo I migrate to to my desktop (not sure which format it is in) but
once I anime it I save it as a PNG (no degradation unlike a jpg).

I then work on that photo (as a PNG file) in Gimp.

I then export it as a jpg to email over the net so it’s not too large.

I now have a better idea of what RAW is but it;s still unclear when i
would use it? I don’t sell my photos so when would all that photo
“enhancement” or “modification” come into play? Ex. Do you save photos
in RAW so you can later “enhance” therm to then upload them to a
Website or Facebook?

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RAW is a format that comes from your camera. You wouldn’t post a raw to social media.

Raw is a dump of your camera sensors data. It gives you wider latitude for manipulation.

When you get a jpeg from your camera, the camera shoots a raw, then processes it on the camera and saves a jpeg to your SD card. If you shoot a raw file, then your camera is not making processing decisions for you, rather you can make those decisions for yourself.



… and in your case, if the images are stored (on the camera’s SD card) as file type CR2, then they are in a RAW format (i.e. not adultered or “enhanced” into JPEG by the camera).

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden


Hi Claes,

I still can not log in to my account despite clearing the cache and
choosing a new pw so I apologize if this reply appears in the wrong

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Anyway… I’ll have to carve time to ascertain where I find (on the
camera) the exact format the camera saves the snapped photo in.

Thank you.


Evening, Eager!

Re your login problems: ping @patdavid

a) See the Canon link I posted a few posts back.

b) Check your camera’s SDHC card: if your images are saved as something with file type CR2, then you use the RAW format.

Take your time & have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

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