Darktable windows build help needed

(ph. weyland) #21

Issue #12364 is solved in the last commit

(ph. weyland) #22

Still facing the dt crash on windows build at start time.
I’ve downgraded the required librairies (in particular glib2) to before July without any effect.

I’ve tried here to check the difference of log (Differences 2.4.4-2.5.txt (12.2 KB) ) between versions 2.4.4 and 2.5 until 2.5 crash with darktable -d all.
I’ve noted the 2.5 new lines (new functions added to master) and also 2.4.4 lines when I’ve noticed some differences (I may have missed some others …).

I’ve seen some opencl settings differences and a heal.cl file missing… but an expert eye may find some indication or something more to try …

For reference the failing log : darktable-log-fail.txt (231.5 KB)