Denoise profile for Nikon Z6ii

Just got a Nikon Z6ii. Hell of a great camera in low light. But, i’ve noticed there isn’t a denoise profile for it in darktable. Or is there? If not, I’ve never made one but i’d be willing to provide sample photos.

There is none yet.

This is the tutorial to make one.

The corresponding thread on discuss:

If you are on Windows, you might find some people who will send your photos through the script.

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Thanks, If I ever get some time I’ll have a nice project.

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Sorry, I just noticed this thread and the mention to my table generation.

Ya I’ve made some noise tables for my Z6ii, I just keep getting busy and not having the 5 or so minutes it would take to and submit it for inclusion :confused:

I’d be curious to see how similar the tables would be with any sample photos you send vs what came out when I ran the generation script. Let me know if you want to try that, I have the script on my ubuntu laptop that I could feed it the files to (and correct the LO/HI pull/push ISOs in the table as the script fails to read them properly but I know what ISOs they are supposed to be)