Developing the Multi Thresholds filter

I was recently browsing the filters and came across the Multi Thresholds in the Testing area by @garagecoder. I was wondering if anyone is developing this further as this could be an incredibly useful tool for stencil artists such as myself. If the filter could export each threshold to a different layer in photoshop and maybe have a few option for the amount layers that could be applied to an image then stencil artists would be flocking to use this tool.

I have a similar script that I use in photoshop that separates an image into layers based on the threshold and also adds corner markers for artists to then cut out and spray paint through. Would be happy to share it if it helps in the development of this filter. Here is an artwork created based off of my threshold script:


something tells me that if you just use split_colors (link) after using multi thresholds it would just do what you want : create layers based on a number of colors. It’s what I used for “paper cuts” to create the different layers.

You wrote that you have a solution for PS.
Why do you need a different solution?
For Gimp you can try:

For that, don’t we have G'MIC for OpenFX and Adobe plugins?