Display calibration


I have a laptop display, an external display and phones / tablets in my household. I have noticed that the laptop display is way darker and less color compare to the rest displays. So if I processed an image when I was not plugged in to the external monitor the picture looks too bright and over satursted on phones/tablets. However printed pictures look more like when I am watching them on the laptop screen.
Is there an easy solution for me? I don’t print much so I guess I would rather calibrate the laptop screen to make it show images brighter and more colorful. Is that even possible? The laptop is Dell Latitude e6420. The Latitudes have never had fancy displays. System is Linux Mint 18 KDE.There is one calibration tool installed there but it does literally nothing.

(Mica) #22

Get something compatible with Displaycal. ColorMunki or an x1 depending on how much you want to spend.


Are you talking about a device? I don’t run a photo studio so I am not sure if I want to buy any fancy hardware that I might use just once. Are there any useful pieces of software that could help ?


Software is mostly useless without a hardware reference. That’s what the calibration devices are for.

Incidentally you can rent a spectrophotometer from LensRentals, for example.

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Indeed you can rent one, but if you’re even a bit serious, you’re going to want to calibrate more than once. The ColorMunki can be had for ~$100 USD. Or hop on something like eBay and grab a used one.


Thank you all for the tips. I will look if I can get one locally. I found a tutorial on the Web. Looks like it is pretty easy to do.