DT 3.8.1 Windows 10 reports could not load RAW ORF file

darktable 3.8.1 reports it cannot load second file (22210248.ORF) but loads first file (22210247.ORF) , that was taken seconds before. Can anyone figure out why? Camera is Olympus EM-1 mark iii and has been supported for years. Normal copy off SD card was done with no issues.
22210247.ORF (18.2 MB)
22210248.ORF (18.2 MB)

Both files showed in the ligthtable, but I cant open the 48 file either. Maybe it is corrupted.

OK, thanks for trying that. If it is a corrupt file, this is a first-time event for me, hence my alarm. Maybe I’ve just been lucky for the past 5 years.

Just try ART or Rawtherapee or the manufacturers app to see if it loads …should confirm its corrupt

Both open fine in Olympus Workspace 2.0 (latest), so not corrupt in any serious way.

you might want to check with what kind of settings the photo was taken. maybe some encoding format that isnt implemented yet.

I don’t think it is a new encoding. The camera settings have not been changed in weeks. Nothing experimental has been tried. All pictures taken (hundreds) over that time are fine.

Is there an easy to turn on debugging mode in darktable that will log the steps taken when loading and reveal the point at which it fails? That would be really useful in situations like this.

File … 48 opens with Art but mixes colors, unreadable, while Rawtherapee displays a black image. The file … 47 opens fine with all 2 software. Digikam has no problem opening them.

Exif reports Olympus E-M1MarkIII.

Correct. I reported that incorrectly. Edited.

No recent updates to firmware.

Adobe DNG Converter failed to convert 48.

PureRAW shows this.

Interesting. Very mixed results from all the replies. My conclusion is this is a specific data pattern that some programs conclude is unusable and others can overcome. Most likely depends on the loading algorithm being used.

I’m content to chalk it up to an oddball situation and hope it does not happen again. I’ll leave the file here in case someone wants to track down the specific problem.

With Hraw (dcraw)

Are you able to edit it and export in Olympus Workspace 2.0?

Yes, can edit in Workspace 2.0 and export. Will probably do that once and then hope this does not happen again.