DT 4.4 looking good! Release Notes showing a lot of really good tweaks and improvements!!

Great work by all !!!

The best place to see what’s in store is on github. This was mentioned a while ago, but in case anyone missed it, I’m looking at
release notes for 4.4

and there are many, many nice improvements in there. For example:

“Long left clicking a preset will keep the menu open so you can quickly switch between several to see the effect without having to repeatedly click the preset button to reopen the menu”

I looked at a few of the updates in action on a nightly build and in case anyone can’t guess - I’m impressed!!!


You’re right, the quality of the work done by Darktable’s developers is impressive. They’ve managed to give the software its own identity without any commercial or other constraints, the power of passion for a job well done.
It really is software written in complete discretion by photography enthusiasts for photography enthusiasts.
Congratulations to the whole team.
Greetings from Brussels,


Where can I download it for Windows?

When it’s released then the download packages are available at darktable.org

Bill does a weekly build…so this would have most of it if you want to run it…


This one should be included in the Big Ones:

  • New English translation with capital letters



now there are nightly builds available at Release Darktable nightly build 20230607 · darktable-org/darktable · GitHub

I have updated my build scripts to build DT 4.3.0 (the upcoming 4.4) on Ubuntu 22.04

If interested, look here: GitHub - per2jensen/dt-on-ubuntu: Darktable on Ubuntu, scripts for compiling DT on a specific Ubuntu version

I am switching now :slight_smile:

About time.

And can we finally write “Darktable” at the beginning of a sentence,
bullet point or headline without being disciplined by the corporate identity police?

Darktable 4.4 is coming

  • Darktable 4.4 will be awesome

… looking good. :sunglasses:

See faq | darktable, though I just try to avoid starting a sentence with “darktable”. It’s usually fairly easy to do.

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Anyway, I’ll try to avoid writing Darktable then. Which I usually manage, in large part due to my usage of lower case characters everywhere for some time in my life. Rather entertaining when interacting with official institutions in Germany. Language is fluid and about flow - but as long as we understand each other, it’s all good.

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