DT/RT Channel mixer same input, different results


(Olaf Berthelsen) #21

Thank you for your response.
I will study the links you send me but it seems that your statement about overcomplexity is absolutely correct. A lot of users will not have the time to dig into all this and just reading and understanding the Rawpedia material on color profiles seems to be a big job. I don’t think that a user not being a specialist can be expected to be able to change the working profile of RT.

From you post I conclude that when you take pictures in RAW you will have no problem because color space doesn’t matter and manipulating your photo in RT will be very precise.
But what about editing your photos taken in sRGB or Adobe RGB? Do you have to change the working profile to get a predictable result? Or maybe this should be done automatically?

But after all, RT is RawTherapee and not sRGBtherapee…………:o)!