dt styles for arangast's "New Fujifilm XTrans film simulations"

@arangast posted really nice HaldCLUTs for Fujifilm film simulations.

I created darktable styles based on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_cLCL5PJk4 so that these LUTs can also be used in darktable.
Hope they work fine for you :grinning:
Fuji_XTrans_III_dtstyles.zip (31.4 KB)

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so maybe I’ll look like a total newbie (again!) but I have found that the Darktable rendering of RAW images coming out of my X-T2 are far from matching the ones from the camera. All sorts of aliasing issues and lighting and colors… While I’m used to having different rendering between the camera and Darktable (I also had problems with my Canon Powershot G12), this is making me go simply back to shoot in plain JPG, which is a little frustrating.

Is this something those styles could fix? How do I install those styles anyways? And should those styles be shipped with DT (and applied!) by default?


Based on your description of your problems I don’t think these dtstyles will help at all. You can however install them by placing them in your .config/darktable/styles directory. (gnu/linux user right?) A dev should answer the shipping question but I’m guessing that they won’t ship this type of style.

It’s always a good idea to post some images of the problems you’re having. Ideally with RAW and xmp files so we can see your settings.

Yep. Debian GNU/Linux “stretch” 9.3. :slight_smile: I’m curious to hear why they wouldn’t ship such styles… Thanks for the docs!

Well, back when I had those problems, this forum didn’t exist. I whined and fretted on IRC, but that didn’t do anyone any good. :wink: Now that there’s such a great community here, I may try my luck again next time I have that trouble! But obviously, a new thread would probably be a better place…

Thanks again!

Just storing the styles in some folder won’t do anything. You have to import them from lighttable.

And no, we don’t ship styles.

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I find using Fujifilm’s Silkypix to convert the .raf file retains the ooc jpeg color very well. Once converted, dt can do the rest. An added benefit is that it has all the Fuji film similation.

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Unfortunately, Silkypix is not part of the equation here because it’s proprietary software…

I’m probably being an idiot and missing something, but after importing these, all I get are black and white images. ( on both RAF and Jpeg )

Disabling the tone curve brings back color.

Any idea what i’m doing wrong ?

As I understand it, Silkypix, although it’s Fuji’s proprietary product and processing, does not quite match the performance of their in-camera processing for output quality. I’ll try these styles though, just to get the Acros for my X100T–the only thing I’m missing–although I don’t know if the image from the T’s sensor is up to the challenge compared to the F’s new sensor.

Are there any special considerations installing these styles on MacOS?

No, installing them should be the same on any platform.

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To be honest, this hunt for the exactest match of these Fuji in-camera processing appears a little esoteric to me. Since these styles are more an approximation to the approximation given by the haldCluts, I would not expect too much accuracy :wink:
I like the basic look of the CC and Acros styles and it can be quite convenient to use them like these. Moreover, I don’t use them exclusively for Fuji raws. Here is an example of the Acros style applied to a Nikon raw:

(added some local exposure adjustment and tweaked the levels tool a bit).


Beautiful. Yes, it’s another simulation of a film and you’re right, it’s an approximation. Now that I have darktable and these styles, I’m going back to FINE (JPEG) + RAW instead of bracketing JPEG simulations and choosing among them.

I’m reviving this old thread just to let others know about a little trick to make the styles collection in Darktable a bit more “clean” by using the hierarchical naming convention supported in DT 2.6.2 (not sure if it’s back compatible as well; I’m just saying that I’ve discovered this work in the current release I’m using which is 2.6.2).

After downloading the styles from here: https://blog.sowerby.me/fuji-film-simulation-profiles/ (making sure you follow the link for the darktable archive obv), run this batch script to change the <name> tag (copy the following to a text file, call it whatever.sh, and run it with bash whatever.sh; this works on linux and mac).

for file in `find . -type f -name "*.dtstyle"`
    echo "file = $file"
    sed 's/<name>Fuji XTrans III - /<name>Fuji XTrans III|/g' "$file">temp.dat
    mv temp.dat "$file"

You’ll get this: