Export options (feature suggestion)

To be able to rotate and crop at the same time, you can also setup a shortcut for the “angle” setting for the Crop and Rotate module (darktable 3.6).
Go in the darktable settings => shortcuts => “processing modules” => crop and rotate => angle and set there a shortcut for the dynamic field.

Here I’ve set it to Shift+R. That means that, whenever I press Shift+R and I rotate my mouse wheel, the value of the angle will change and immediately be applied. This will allow you to crop and rotate with your mouse without having to move to the slider.


I always keep saying I will define some dynamic short cuts and configure a quick access panel to my liking but I never get around to it….crappy fall weather may help me find the time….


Thanks for the reminder…set it up in rotate and perspective with R scroll works great…Just had to create an auto preset as well for the rotate module as ti only has ± 10 degrees…I set it to ± 90 which should suffice for most of what I would ask of it…

The shortcut workaround is ok, but very slow. Might be related to how Darktable refreshes the image.
Yet it’s better than having to get back to the slider, thanks.

I don’t mean to bother you, please don’t take it badly, but is there a problem suggesting a feature that is present in lightroom ? I might have gotten it wrong but you seem to be annoyed by this. Would it be different if that feature came from an other software ? (I think that’s quite a common way of scaling and rotating things)

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fully agree with priort… Separating rotation and cropping would be a bad idea and makes more tedious the processing of images in real life (like wedding). I strongly encourage not to do it. Thanks

P_L is right I suggest, we all don’t care if LR or other software work that way : if Darktable community finds it useful, why not implementing it ? No reason to be different just for the sake of being different.

Its already done…new crop module only module and rotate and perspective redesigned and combined but the quick access panel and dynamic shortcuts can really work around most any issue…assigning scroll_r allows you to rotate from anywhere…just like using it for exposure with E to tweak that any time…

Lots of history of DT bashing and not being up to Lightroom standards or doing things the Lightroom way etc etc …will often yield this sentiment intended or otherwise in responses…

Yes I understand, I don’t mean to be that guy who comes and ask for a Lr clone.
For what it’s worth, I really prefer Darktable which allows much more control and understanding of the tools.

I found a bug though, I wanted to do a screen capture while cropping to illustrate the refreshing problem when using a shortcut, and it seems I cannot resize while recording my screen… Maybe it’s related to the screen capture program, I’ll see if that’s different with an other one
(Linux mint 20, simplescreenrecorder)

Mine is jerky if you mean that but I have a slow computer and DT is likely refreshing the pipeline as it rotates…it would be good to know if those with better hardware than me notice that if so there might be a way to optimize it…If this continues on crop and rotate we really should move some of this and continue to a new thread…

My hardware is fine, I guess. The images are big but not that much (6k*4k)
(Nvidia RTX 2060 and Ryzen 5 3600)

The bug after screen capture stayed (couldn’t crop, even after closing screen capture) until I discarded the whole history. I kept the XMP file, whenever I load it back I can’t crop the image. I’ll file a report on github with attachments.

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No i don’t feel bothered; it’s ok if you file a feature request. But you should have a good use case since „intuitivity“ or „common use“ is usually not a good argument since thats mostly learned stuff. But it’s frequently used as an argument by lightroom user :wink:

The combined module will be deprecated with next release because separating them in the pixel pipe order gives some benefits, so a control combining rotation and crop will require quite good arguments.

If you have these to convince the developers - feel free…

of course put all the sliders you want in the quick access module and… access them quickly :wink:

Isn’t “Not having to go back and forth from the module to the screen to tweak adjustments with the mouse” a suitable argument ? (or from a module to another in the next releases)
I’ll try and find a convincing example where this is most needed (according to my workflow I guess)

I do understand there are benefits of having both in separate modules though. Maybe if there’s a mouse control for rotation in the rotation module, shortcuts will be enough to tweak easily from one module to another.

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If you read above you can do it by using a dynamic shortcut…set them up in preferences…lets you access functions of a module at any time without going to it…so you can set one and use any combination but scroll r is a good one and then in the crop module do your cropping and rotate with the dynamic shortcut…I tweaked the rotate module to expand the max min and the shortcut to use 0.5 degree rotations for each click in my scroll wheel…works well

This is not the same control.
Mouse scroll is rather constant, there can’t be a change in the order of magnitude just by moving the mouse away from the pivot point.
Believe me, I’ve thought about it. In most programs (and I don’t mean only raw-editing software, you can find the same behaviour in Blender) it’s done like that (for practical reasons).
Blender even goes further, by expanding the diameter of the rotation circle beyond the viewport frame. (see attachment)
This allows for very precise changes, while not sacrificing the ability to work on a less precise scale.

By the way how did you tweak the shortcut ? Custom build ?)

[several edits : typos & stuff I forgot]

you can increase/decrease the precision of mousewheel actions
see darktable 3.6 user manual - module controls
precision can also be changed via a shortcut

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Sliders have a whisker control when you right click. this add proportional dragging…this can also be used with the rotation slider to modify its action or any other slider to have instant access to very large or very precise changes…Edit for the rotation was in shortcuts in preferences…