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I really appreciated people telling me which filters they use in this other thread. Mostly I release filters into the wild an never know what happens so it is encouraging to hear that people are using them and like them. Also, sometimes I consider removing old filter experiments but if I know people are using them I won’t do that.

Anyway, I thought I would start a new thread so more people could share the love with all of the developers of custom GMIC filters.

New Filter: Constrained Sharpen
(paul matthijsse) #2

My favorite G’mic filters are, in alphabetical order:

  • Iain’s fast denoise
  • Mixer [CMYK]
  • Sharpen [Gold-Meinel]
  • Sharpen [Richardson-Lucy]
  • Smooth [Diffusion]
  • Temperature balance (I love this one!)
  • Texture enhance, and
  • Tone enhance (I start all my editing with this one).

I am still looking for better unsharpen filters because the two above are too ‘agressive’ in my opinion. But that depends on sensor size and pixel count as well of course.

Thanks to all the devs who made these tools available, I use them on an daily basis.

(Mica) #3

@paulmatth I find the defaults for the sharpening too strong. I always turn them down. I get great results from Richardson Lucy and Octave sharpening.

I also enjoy the film simulations a great deal.


I like to restore bad faded images with (strong) color cast. So then Iains “RGB tone” and “CMYK tone” are great. The filters are like the channel-mixer, but more sofisticated. So they are great for color correcting underwater-images also.

All “Mixers [colorspace]” are useful. I like the new “Mixer [PCA]”. This last mixer is also useful for showing faded cave-drawings. Because you can amplify little differences in color. In combination with the “Magic detail filter”, you can exegerate the results even further. Also you can use “Boost chromacity” here.

I like “Specific saturation” made by Garagecoder. I still hope he will work on the possibility to seperate this for shadows, midtones and highlights. A bit like Tom Keil’s “Vintage style” filter. Then this will be one of the best color correction tools there is.

“Color grading” by John Lakkas is still a favourite.

Iains “Pyramid processing” is nice. Maybe it is possible to make this filter with seperate sliders for the different scales? So it becomes multi-scale?

I like all details filters. Most favourite are: “Local variance normalization” , “DCP dehaze.” and “Details equalizer”

“Local processing” is nice but sometimes has border- artifacts. Question: “Maybe with some border-expanding or other treatment this artifacts can be less?”

“Retinex” is good, but I prefer Garagecoders “Normalize brightness”. His “Auto balance” and “Temperature balance” filters give good results.

Of course “Samj’s corline b” is nice also.

I hope there will someday a filter in G’MIC like the “HSV Equalizer” from RawTherapee. I would like to help here,but… I started one year ago to learn to code in Javascript. I still get a headache when I see G’MIC code ( I’m so sorry David :blush:) Maybe in the distant future I have the guts to start coding something in G’MIC.

So thank you very much, for all this awesome work.

(I forgot so much: everything with 3d-luts, curves…)


Awesome thread @Iain! Maybe the mods could move over the other recommendations here so that everything is in one place. @patdavid @paperdigits

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