filmic, a personal view

(David Vincent-Jones) #81

I would say … it is in fact a little better … well done

(Aurélien Pierre) #82

You have strong haloing along the horizon line though, and lost the sunset red in the sky. It’s more on the green side.

(Wayne Sutton) #83

Out of curiosity, I used this image to try out the following tutorial:
I developed it first in RawTherapee and then followed the tutorial to see what sort of improvement it gave. The sky in the final GIMP version could be masked a bit more and the WB is probably too much on the cold side. I don’t think there are any out of gamut colours.

20181109_Cahuzeres_221-test-rt.jpg.pp3 (11.0 KB)

(ph. weyland) #84

These are closer to the scene than the filmic ones while these last ones are sometime more appealing in the foreground.

For the sake of comparison here is the “natural” preset of SNS-HDR (not foss):

I’ve found than dt highlights reconstruction does a pretty good job on this image to restitute some red (clip highlights pushed to 2).

(Wayne Sutton) #85

I wondered about the sky but was mainly interested in seeing how effective the technique in the tutorial was for the foreground. Based on this, I think I will continue to explore the possibilities.


Tweaking the tone curve and grad filter, to mimic the sky from SNS.

Phyweyland-Filmic-20181109_Cahuzeres_221.NEF.pp3 (11.0 KB)