Filmic v4 highlights reconstruction - magenta colour

Dear all,
I am struggling a bit with highlights reconstruction in filmic v4. When I do it with “Highlight reconstruction” module switched off (as suggested) I get strange magenta colors. Only when having both highlight reconstruction modules on, I get some results, but these are still far from what I wanted even when playing with settings to different extremes. This is probably due to some misunderstanding on my part.
I am attaching as an example one of my raw files, if one of you would be so kind to have a look and confirm/deny what I am experiencing.
P1040843.RW2.xmp (12.6 KB)
P1040843.RW2 (18.9 MB)

Thank you in advance for you help and patience.


you might want to take a look at the Raw White Point and try to adjust this down a bit.
In cases I experience strange magenta colors with my canon raws this helped to compensate such magernta casts.

Regards, Martin

The magenta zone is clipped in all three channels, which means that the reconstruction has literally nothing to reconstruct from (reconstruction is based on using the non-clipped channel(s) to correct the clipped one(s))

So using the filmic version is mostly a waste of time and effort. The easiest is to use the highlight reconstruction module in clip mode, that will at least ensure that such clipped zones stay white.

Oh, and adjusting the Raw white point isn’t really effective in such cases, it seems to be set correctly for a 12-bit raw file. The magenta cast is caused by the white balance, which amplifies the red and blue channels relative to the green channel. All channels are clipped in the raw file here, so that means that you end up with a magenta color (R:G:B is 1:1:1 in the raw, goes to ~2:1:2 after white balancing, and then stays that way, whatever you do)

I would use the highligh reconstruction module in clipping mode, and crop away the top part of the sky
Something like in the attached sidecar:
P1040843_01.RW2.xmp (7.2 KB)

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See what @aurelienpierre says about magenta highlights here:

You could try to use filmic’s recovery, but it’s not the only option; plus, you’d have to set it to produce desaturated highlights.
Personally, I usually use Lch most of the time, and I don’t really use filmic’s highlight recovery; when I do, I usually move the structure vs texture slider all the way to the left. I’d love to see more examples on how to use it highlight recovery features; I’ll have to check out more of Aurélien’s and @Bruce_Williams 's videos.