Filmic with studio lighting

I like to portray people as they are, and usually illuminate them in an window light manner. I also photograph lots of babies, when I occasionally go high-key, but generally speaking I don’t do glitzy. 120 roll film gives me the gentle transitions that suits this mood. I’m hoping to get digital to work in a similar manner and if successful I will then invest in some silly pixels.

You once described setting grey at 12-18% with low dynamic range pictures, and I’ve been experimenting with this to see how it compares.

As an aside, does your original view on the AMaZE demosaic setting still apply? I noticed that you didn’t use it in your edit above.

Don’t put too much meaning into numbers. Shoot a grey card, or a color checker, and this is your middle grey in the lighting conditions you have.

Amaze is good but super slow. I don’t use it because I’m working on a replacement :stuck_out_tongue:

here’s a try, darktable 3.0.0
Jane.ARW.xmp (8,4 Ko)

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