Fix for disappearing Python support in Arch (and Manjaro)

I apologize for this post which I have now removed/edited after some comments that it was not appropriate.

a much better solution: Help porting things to python3. python2 really has to go now. upstream stopped the support.


I’m sure that’s a much better fix indeed but this should tide us over at least.

People use that excuse for years now.

“but python2 is still working, why should I invest time there?”

py3 is over 10y old now IIRC.

You seem to be trying to trigger a fight - I’m sorry, I’m not playing. I will remove my post if that will satisfy you.

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I am not. I just try to tell you that instead of going back to python2 help now to move to python3.

@Mike_Bing Your post was informative and useful. In an ideal world every package would have migrated to Python 3, but we’re not there yet.

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Just for clarification, is there a way to use Gimp Python plugins or support in Majaro?
If one is using Arch or Majrao, can still be using Gimp?
I’m also seeing that in my Ubuntu machine Gimp works properly, but in Manjaro is a bit crippled, let’s say (no way to have Python plugin working, it seems).
Should this maybe be asked to Gimp developers? (just to know if a Python 2 free distro can’t be used for Gimp)

You can use gimp. You just can’t use python2 only plugins. python3 plugins will work fine. (if the gimp plugin core is ported to python3)

Yeah, exactly, it seems there’s no “gimpfu” module anywhere, but I’m new to Manjaro, I don’t know if this is really the case.
Maybe there are Majaro users that are more familair than me.
In case, does this mean that to use Python-based plugins in Gimp one needs a different distro?

It means basically all distros will soon drop python2 because it is end of life upstream. you just notice it in the development or rolling release distros first.

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Oh yes, I’m fully aware of that.

I didn’t know, however, that Gimp (rather, it’s Python module) was not ready for the change.

I just wanted to confirm this lost feature in Gimp, let’s say (that would be a great pity).

Would a proper thread addressed to Gimp developers be more indicated?

I am sure they are aware of it.

They are aware of it and Gimp 3.0 will support Python 3 plugins.

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Just to emphasise this: gimp-3 ALREADY is ported to python3:

Gentoo also had python2-support in gimp removed for a day or so but people were really unhappy.
So it was added back. IMO there is no reason to remove support in actively developed applications especially when you know a future version did the port.
gimp is so essential for graphics on linux and python-support crucial for the plugins, removing python in gimp is just a big failure. There really is nothing bad in keeping py2 alive for those essential applications, just move the ported ones to py3 and remove unmaintained ones and probably those that have a good drop-in-replacement.

To quote the file:

You disabled the installation of core Python plug-ins. This is discouraged
as it won’t provide the full GIMP experience.

And gimp is understaffed for years now. They used their resources to port to gtk3 because people were angry or laughed at gimp. Did you help with gtk3 port? Or with python3?

I do maintain a quite few graphics packages (rpms/debs). I help people to test build their software earlier so they notice if they broke things. I run this forum for you :slight_smile: among many more things I do in opensource every day. Like e.g. helping to port tools to python3. But not gimp specifically because I dont use it.


Just to emphasise this: gimp-3 ALREADY is ported to python3:

But not all python plugins: