Forced profile for my Canon 90D

I am pretty new to RawTherapy and I have searched this board over and over, but I can’t find the answer. Also, english is not my native language. Thanks in advance for any help.

I recently bought an Canon EOS 90D. This camera is using the CR3-format, so RawTherapee can (not yet) read the Exif-information, and therefore it can not automatically apply the profile for this camera. I would like to configure RawTherapee in such way that RawTherapee is automatically using the cameraprofile and lensprofile for my camera (the Canon EOS 90D) and my lens (the Tamron 18-400mm F3.5-6.3 Di II VC HLD B028). How do I do this? (and since I am rather new to RawTherapee I am affraid I’m gonna need a step-by-step instruction for dummies or something likewise :smiley: ). I am using Windows 10 and RawTherapee 5.9.

I have found a file with the name
Canon EOS 90D Adobe Standard.dcp
and copied this file to \APPDATA\Local\RawTherapee\profiles which for me is

I also found a file with the name
Canon (TAMRON 18-400mm F3.5-6.3 Di II VC HLD B028) - RAW.lcp
and copied this also to \APPDATA\Local\RawTherapee\profiles

Finally I found a zip-file with the files
Canon EOS 90D Camera Faithful.dcp
Canon EOS 90D Camera Landscape.dcp
Canon EOS 90D Camera Monochrome.dcp
Canon EOS 90D Camera Neutral.dcp
Canon EOS 90D Camera Portrait.dcp
Canon EOS 90D Camera Standard.dcp
so I created a directory with the name
Canon EOS 90D

What should I do next? If I go to Raw Therapee and look in the dropdown with profiles, the profile for the camera and lens are not there:

I also tried to set up an dynamic profile:

but this does not seem to do anything.

Which steps should I take to ‘force’ RawTherapee to use my camara and lens?

BTW: RawTherapee is a great piece of software! Big respect for anyone involved in creating this.

Dag, @rspruit, and welcome!

You are looking in the wrong place.

Also read this: CR3 and Color Management - #7 by agriggio

Claes in Lund, Zweden

Hi you want colour managment in the colour tab for the camera profile and Lens correction in the transform tab. Then you can save at the top of the screen ‘processing profiles’, add anything else you want as your starting point before and then in settings select it to auto apply to raw, ‘Default Processing Profile’.

Thanks @Claes . It seems I would need to find this screen:

Where can I find this? If I go to settings:
I can only find this tab:

This seems not to be the correct tab, but where to find the correct one?

Thanks in advance

Thanks a lot! I found the correct tab(s), and this is doing a lot for the picture. It now looks al lot better.


This is much better.

It does look like I have to apply this to each individual picture. Is this correct, or is there a way to set this as a ‘standard’ for all future pictures?

Thanks again.

Like Nathan wrote:

Set your DCP and LCP, then save as a profile:


Then go to settings, Beeldverwerking, and choose your saved profile as default for RAW files:

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Do not forget
Also: search youtube for RawTherapee tutorials.

The other people on the forum are knowledgeable and will probably help you out, but…

Als je hulp in het Nederlands nodig hebt, kan je me altijd een persoonlijk bericht sturen.

One of the RT devs who happens to be Dutch :slight_smile:

@apostel338 Thanks, this works like a charm! Especially my regards that you took the time to make screenshots; I really needed them to find my way.

Vielen dank!

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@Thanatomanic Thanks for you offer. Much appreciated.

Erg bedankt!