Future changes to the processing pipeline

Working now.

Another thing I have just noticed - as you select different layers, some controls above the layers list appear and disappear:

This makes editing layers (especially when editing the mask) awkward because the layers move up and down as you select different things so you have to keep re-aiming the mouse.

This should be fixed now, as well as the layers drag 'n drop functionality.

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Yes, both are now working. :grinning:

I’m still getting the Processing…Caching…Processing… loop a lot. (usually if I add or edit a layer which takes a long time to execute e.g. Shadows/Highlights or RL sharpening). Saving a .pfi then closing the document and reloading from the .pfi fixes the problem, but it can reoccur if you edit any settings (unfortunately, still not reproducable from a saved .pfi state). This happens much more frequently on the simplified-pipeline branch than it does on stable.

I will now look into the caching issues, also to overcome the swapping that @gadolf reported.

Thanks. If I understood, the latest simplified build already mitigates those issues.
I haven’t had much time to test it, but so far haven’t got any freeze (due to swapping. Can it be because the change in swapiness I did from 60 to 1?)
Now it seems to set some kind of memory usage threshold, as the memory doesn’t fill up, even if there’s still room for growth. In the image below, the second indicator from left to right is memory usage. Is this what you expected?

It is taking a lot of time to process this pixel pipe but, at least, the freezes are gone.

What does default (..., blended) mean again? The floating window has in/out input: as well but with sub-image. Should this be duplicated? (Well, the panel doesn’t have sub-image…)