Glitch Art Filters?

(dumb) #181

Two new scripts, both based on DCT operations. The first one messes with the DCT transforms of entire images, while the second is another take on that JFIF one I was previously focussing on with a few new features.

(dumb) #182

(Edited) Updated the new JFIF script again, along with subsampling it now handles quality slightly differently. It also has the glitch punch card thing implemented but I’m not sure how to get it to work in the way that it should where the locations of broken blocks coincide for each channel. I was able to do this with the older script but I don’t yet know how to do it for this one.


@Joan_Rake1 You wouldn’t happen to know how to index square areas of image to #colors, would you? I’m gonna need it to update my transfer color for better stimulation of older systems. There’s also arbitrary stimulations I found in an android app named 8-bit photo lab.

(dumb) #184

There’s already the quadtree variations script and the posterise one too. Try modifying those.