G'MIC for OpenFX and Adobe plugins

As I said, there is a direct correlation between the iamge dimensions and the time it takes to process it :slightly_smiling:
So like David said, even in ZArt, for high-res video, it might also not run in realtime there as well.
So pretty much each compositing application like After Effects or Nuke or Natron will always start rendering in a low-resolution to get you a fast preview and then automatically increase the resolution to get a better output. In some applications the user can also define the preview/downscale factor. On render, everything is of course calculated in final resolution.
So it is not a feature the OFX plugin has to handle, as it will automatically get a downsized image frame from the host at first.

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I wish this same for kdenlive

Hello bazza,

I wish the same for Kdenlive.

Even though it is not what you are asking for on Linux you can already try some G’MIC filters with Flowblade 1.6 as well [1].
Flowblade is not Kdenlive but if you are just curious and you wish to give it a try… :slight_smile:

[1] flowblade/RELEASE_NOTES.md at master · jliljebl/flowblade · GitHub


@Silvio_Grosso How is it that I’ve never even heard of Flowblade? Just installed from the AUR and can’t wait to check it out. Thanks for the tip.:slight_smile:

That’s amazing, great program! Will there be any plans for the same in kdenlive though in the future? Or entirely flowblade, which is an amazing effort! Maybe better to concentrate on one thing?

If you want g’mic in kdenlive, it is probably best to contact the kdenlive developers and let them know about your interest in the feature.

Can you add G’mic photocomix smoothing too? I really need to use that plugin.

Hello @Tobias_Fleischer I’m an After effect guy and I was looking for a way to apply the Rodilius effect on video, and I just found you! Is your plug released now? I’ve been doing some research and didn’t found anything! Is it possible to try your plug?

Thanks a lot !


Yes, a very early beta test version for Windows is available, although still work-in-process. The Rodilius effect works in After Effects already though, as you can see here: https://plus.google.com/photos/photo/110603085224301641352/6352079931174640082?icm=false&sqid=100367598461382347439&ssid=4606e595-294f-4cbd-b710-dd89f5841511


Thank you a lot! And one day after I asked you !
I’m installing it right now.

If I can do anything for you just ask !

Hey, no problem. Just be aware that this is an early release and might (will!) have problems :slight_smile:

I was looking for Rodilius because it’ll be the main effect of my next work, with an artist called Vanupié. Be sure you’ll be credited my friend, or ReduxFX Productions, as you wish!

Thanks again

G’MIC Rodilius is now on After; on the Read page I followed the installation steps (place the AE folder, dll, .gmic) and didn’t follow the compilation steps (I couldn’t find the .src/thirdparty anywhere).

So in After effects,Rodilius works but changing the values didn’t change anything on the picture. And when I checked on your screenshot of triangle and Rodilius applied on, the interface of the effect where slighty different; so I wondered, do you think the problem come from the compilation I didn’t do, or just a random bug?

You don’t need to recompile, just use the binaries, so probably it is a bug.
What is the difference on the interface? Can you make a screenshot how it looks on your AE?

I see the interface is the same in the screen of a guy, on your google+ page (Kuwahara then Rodilius), sorry for that but here is the screen anyway

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But doing this screen I found something very interesting. I just wanted to see a before/after, so cut the fx from my layer, created an ajustment layer, pasted on it. The result in surprising, no sticks/flares but instead a sharpy detailled fx, alike Red giant Finisher (very helpful sometimes) but in a much better way I think ! Here are the pictures, ok the detail enhancement is far too pronounced but hey, overlay, 25% opacity, roll on.

but the problem is that parameter changes don’t make any difference, did I understand you correctly there?

Yes, and I checked on others it’s the same (fx applied but no animation possible)