Has landscape photography changed? Or...

Look at this recent thread… I think it contains a lot of your “feelings”

I think you’ve got that backwards. The ai is just emulating what people on the internet are doing. Or more precisely what images were part of it’s learning.

I’d say shoot it in the style of technically perfect epic landscape photography!

I’ve thought about trying to do this. An epic landscape with a portaloo/potty in the midground

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Hence the current interest in mid-90s fugly “digicams”

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Yeah, I participated in that one, too. :slight_smile:

Well, maybe. But my point was the end result - Simplification of forms, perfectly clean “surfaces”, very smooth gradients, no flaws, etc. Both end up looking artificial, even if it’s a two-way relationship.

But I can very well understand the draw. I like precise, smooth, perfect. This may sound funny given the very-far-from-perfect character of my images, but it’s very difficult for me to not correct a “flaw”.

Experience also increases with age, so the eye becomes more critical. That’s at least my experience as an amateur
Greetings. Roberto

Until you get to the age where you get to experience the same thing for the first time every day! :rofl:

(Seriously, though, the idea of outliving my mind is one of my main fears as I get older)

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Indeed. I think many would be surprised to find Monet (and many impressionists) actually painted a very large number of uninspiring works (you can trawl through thousands of their paintings online). But those are forgotten, with people today only focused on the masterpieces.

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