HDR workflow with Hugin

(Mica) #21

Fantastic and thank you for sharing your results! I have much better results telling hugin to first take care of the image stacks, then stitch the panorama. I look forward to seeing more as you progress!

(Brian Innes) #22

Alas, I spoke too soon.
Hugin has hung 1 hour 24 minutes into carrying out geometric optimisation, and that was two hours ago, with no progress…

Hugin had found 26,000 control points between the 100 odd images.

So back to the drawing board I think, using tonemapped images created from each set of bracketed exposures…


(Mica) #23

You can try turning on the GPU acceleration in the preferences and setting the GPU option for enblend and enfuse.

I’d also love to try and stitich it on my machine with GPU acceleration enabled. I have two pretty similar machines in terms of CPU, but one has integrated graphics and one has a gtx 780. The integrated graphicsachine took 8 hours to stitch a 360 degree piano from my D750, the gtk 780 machine took an hour and a half.

I’m in a similar position as you, I haven’t got a large stitich, but I want to. I’m not interested in a non free solution, so hugin is it. :slight_smile:

(Brian Innes) #24

I’m using an AMD cpu with onboards graphics, (AMD A8-6600K APU with Radeon™ HD Graphics) according to /proc/cpuinfo. I haven’t tried GPU acceleration yet.

The strange thing is I’ve been able to stitch similar sized 360 degree panoramas, using hdr tiff inputs using an older version of hugin.

Perhaps I need to try rolling back to an earlier version, and see if that helps?

(Brian Innes) #25

Curiously, I reinstalled 2016.2.0.be8da0221960, and this release seems to handle photometric optimisation of hdr files without any problems.

(Morgan Hardwood) #26

Found a bug? Report it.
Not sure it’s a bug? Report it.

(Brian Innes) #27

@Morgan_Hardwood, I’ll put together some test files, and put a report up on the hugin launchpad :slight_smile:

(Brian Innes) #28

I’ve just submitted a report on the hugin bugs launchpad page @Morgan_Hardwood.

I’ve also put together a test file with .exr hdr images and a .pto file, it can be accessed here



If you have used a tripod, then photos do not need to align, you can use to bracketing EnfuseGUI (http://software.bergmark.com/enfusegui/Main.html).

(Brian Innes) #30

@yteaot, EnfuseGui looks an interesting piece of software, unfortunately I run linux, so I wouldn’t be able to run that.
Ideally I would want to have a full hdr workflow with hugin, to retain as much colour detail in the final images.

(John Widdall) #31

I have been a user of Hugin (on Linux) for many years. Recently used it to produce an HDR file in .exr format which I then tone-mapped in Luminance HDR. See my article at https://panoramashots.co.uk/technical-notes/panoramic-photography/stitching-hdr-and-ldr-panoramas-in-hugin/

(Mica) #32

Those are some very good results, thanks for sharing!