HDRMerge status update

Since darktable has a built-in facility for creating an HDR DNG from multiple RAWs, is there a need for this?

Does DT also support automatic alignment of handheld shots?

Anyhow, the need is there for all those who do not use DT… :wink:

The need to import into DT is not needed for those who do not use DT. Which
was the subject in hand.
However, I do not believe DT supports automatic alignment, so I guess there
is a need.

Note that Darktable can’t process the DNGs from HDRmerge since it uses floating point data.

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I don’t think that’s possible, it’s raw in raw out.

darktable cannot read raw files from HDRMerge not because they are floating-point but because they are deflate-compressed and tiled (that’s not a bad thing, quite the opposite, it just needs to be supported).

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iirc the only correction which lensfun applies to raw data is ca-correction

and because they are tiled

@Morgan_Hardwood Hello, i created a topic for a request to include SuperResolution.

Would be a great feature to add (and not too difficult from what i understand).

Thank you for all the hard work and development done.
Wishes of a pleasant week.

I’d be happy to add the super resolution to github if anyone would like that, @heckflosse @Carmelo_DrRaw

You mean a pr or open an issue about that? Both are welcome of course.

An issue, sadly I’m not skilled enough for a PR. :stuck_out_tongue:

If the SuperResolution is added would be great.

This would make the HDR/SuperResolution workflow cleaner and way faster than anything else out there.
Plus it would be the only software(that i know), that creates a SuperResolution RAW output.

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@paperdigits I started creating a Nix flake of the 0.5.0 version for personal use. Did not go the full Nix package, since maintaining it will not be possible for me.

The flake can be found here: mkroehnert/nix-flakes: Nix Flakes Repository for Software not available in NixOS/nixpkgs. - nix-flakes - Codeberg.org

Anyone who wants to bring it to nixpkgs is welcome to take as much (or little) from it as they want.

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Oh yes, I will take a look, thank you @mkroehnert !

I will try and adapt this for the master branch, since that uses qt5 and some other nice fixes :slight_smile: