Help me stop fiddling with this

What a great view!
Hard not to overcook it :grin:

20230225_0017_RT-2.jpg.out.pp3 (16.5 KB)

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That’s the temptation. I find it hard to judge when I’ve gone too far

I feel I could have done better with this than what I have done here. But this is my first attempt over my morning coffee. Thanks for the great image to play with. Nice location.

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Another version…

20230225_0017_02.CR2.xmp (27.8 KB)


Nice. Thought about crunching the blacks like this

Nice shot! Thanks for sharing!

I’d say those ruins are from the XVI or XVII century…
With RT5.9

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… except for this, which is from the XXI century: :flushed:


Edit: badly cut


Ha, yes. My wife hates them. I’m not so bothered

Fifteenth and sixteenth according to Wikipedia

Oh, and if @TonyBarrett hasn’t discovered it, nearby Stonehaven has an excellent seafood restaurant


Ah, thanks. Next time. We just ate at the cafe on the harbour (old pier cafe?) and then beer in the ship inn. We took the two hour train from Haymarket in Edinburgh to Stonehaven. The harbour was also worth some pics but it was wet and I was lazy.

But here is always a rainbow in the sky?

Source: File:Dunnottar Castle by Walter Hugh Paton 1867.JPG - Wikimedia Commons


Ha. Pretty much. There was an absolutely ridiculous number of them when we were there. I guess it’s the coastal conditions.

An absolutely wonderful photograph! The fence and stairway lead the eye into the picture and the rainbow adds to the overall effect without being a distraction. I am not surprised you can’t leave it alone.

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A quick play in GIMP.

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Here is my version with Darktable 4.3 and sigmoid, I tried to play with the colours (warm and cold tint) and the contrasts.

20230225_0017.CR2.xmp (19.5 KB)
Greetings from Brussels,


Hi @TonyBarrett,

this is my version, maybe it will help you with finding the desired edit :smiley:

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Wonderful photo!

Her’s my version with Darktable 4.2.0. Probably I went too far with edits and should have stopped before…

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I can’t stop fiddling

W-e-l-l… don’t stop fiddling, then :slight_smile:
I do agree with you that it is a very intriguing image
as well as great fun to play with. Personally, I aimed at
getting a bit more emphasis in the rainbow and the clouds
in the background, but so far, I have not succeeded :frowning:

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

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Very good framing. attached is my effort. i tried to bring out the rainbow and a bit of drama to the sky.

20230225_0017.CR2.xmp (18.7 KB)

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20230225_0017.CR2.xmp (13.9 KB)

@TonyBarrett great scene, and I can understand why you felt like continually fiddling with it. Lots of fun.

It seemed to me that the foreground and peninsula were actually in the shade of clouds, and the greener patch of water out by the rainbow was due to sunlight hitting that area. I tried to keep that in mind, and that resulted in my rendition being more subdued than most. I think @lphilpot’s thread about the state of landscape photography was on my mind while editing…I stayed as far away as possible from overcooking it. ART 1.16.3.

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