Help with the Proxy Mode

I’ve had problems understanding the Proxy Mode. First, following a suggestion in a tutorial, I worked with the Full Frame Processing always on and that’s not compatible with Proxy Mode. So for a year or so I just thought that it was broken or something.

Anyway, I do not understand how it works. First: is really helping with performance?

I’ve found that (in my experience) the speed when caching a sequence is the same with or without Proxy Mode enable. Moreover, disabling it or changing the scale of the proxy does not force a re-caching, making me think that the image is being processed at full resolution an then downscaled only in the Viewer.

The second matter regarding the Proxy Mode is the Proxy File function, which I cannot make it work. I’ve put a half resolution image in the Proxy File field of a Read node but I couldn’t make it appear when the Proxy Mode is activated as the help box says. No matter the proxy resolution or the Viewer’s scale.

So, as the first time, I may be doing something wrong. Hope you can help me. Thanks in advance!

Hi, can try these tips?

@Buch I think your file proxy problem is actually a bug, Here’s a plugin I have created today. You can try it. Thanks.