HiDPI scaling wayland gives blurry UI and preview, X11 is fine


After browsing through the thread, I can’t really disagree with you… :man_shrugging:t4: (meaning: I understand your frustration – I realised that my message was a bit ambiguous)

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Nor will you. Wayland doesn’t support color management.


I stopped using Wayland when I discovered it didn’t support display detection to allow my software to select the right display profile.

To your assertion, you probably can use your already-created display profile with Wayland, but when you need to update it you’ll have to switch back to x11 to perform the operation to make the updated profile. PITA…

Wayland is still in early days, and has been there for quite a while… :laughing:

Well… You wanted to know when support for Wayland would come to fix the blurry GUI. Different people have tried to tell you that nobody is seriously investigating compatibility with Wayland, simply because it does not make sense for a serious photo editing application to be used in an environment what does not support full-fledged color management. So it’s not a matter of if there is a scaling issue, but simply that we don’t care yet to fix it.

What non-developers of RT think of “color management under Wayland” is immaterial. What you as a dev of RT think of a scaling issue (it’s not just the ui, re-read what I wrote) on a desktop that’s not entirely uncommon and becoming less so what with high DPI displays is material. Discussing it here is futile however and it belongs in a separate issue on GH I think, for visibility.

I note that other “serious photo editing applications” like the mentioned Darktable and Digikam don’t share this issue. As mentioned everything currently works on my desktop except RT and I think that’s a shame. I fully respect an OS project’s need to prioritize however, so it’s more like unfortunate for me. But yes I think this direction needs some visibility, so GH.

Note that the darktable project does not explicitly support Wayland at this time either, any thing that works right now under wayland is coincidental, and if glitches under wayland are experienced the user is invited to file a bug and see if the glitch is reproducible under X11. From what I’ve seen of the Wayland glitches, they are generally not repeocuible under X, and while the bug report is appreciated, it will be tabled until wayland has color management and at least one developer switches to using wayland.

I was trying to set some expectations for you and give you a general sense of the state of development.


I was trying to set some expectations for you and give you a general sense of the state of development.

Literally the first thing you did was discount my question by stating you doubted anyone even used the display protocol I was using.

And as mentioned it is entirely immaterial what you or others here think about color management, as long as I can apply profiles I’m managing but yeah, if for some reason displaycal can’t operate on wayland - and I don’t know that yet - I at least don’t feel the need to recalibrate every five minutes.

Sense of development of …what? The anti-wayland-sentiment herearound? Sigh, my question is one for the project, however it is treated that’s the proper avenue, this isn’t.

There is no anti-wayland sentiment. That’s all in your mind. There is the fact that wayland isn’t 100% ready for the photographic use case, but you seem incapable of digesting this piece of information. If it works for you, great, but it doesn’t work for people for whom running displaycal is an integral part of their workflow.

You may not know it, and you clearly don’t listen, but we here know that it doesn’t work. We have already had long discussions with wayland developers about what our use case needs, and we had those discussions over 4 years ago.

Seems like Red Hat is just now getting to it, as they have some scheduled sprints in the near future to implement HDR and hopefully fully working color management. Hopefully they’re successful.


I’ve been doing all the messing around to get Hyprland working with Nvidia over the last few days so not exactly anti Wayland.

I have no qualms with you doing your thing. I also have no problem with anybody using Wayland. Though as Mica explains, and as I have tried too, the issue you have with RawTherapee’s incorrect scaling behavior on Wayland will probably not be investigated because we (the developers, and frankly, most users here on the forum) do not use Wayland for the sole reason we do not think its color management is not up to specs.
This is not a dismissal of the issue you raise. This is a statement of prioritization for the developers. I hope you can appreciate that it is not a valuable investment of our limited time to investigate bugs on a system we don’t support.