How do you insert a signature using RawTherapee?

I’ve tried doing this (using an SVG file) on DarkTable and was fairly pleased with the results, except that it doesn’t remember the position for portrait vs landscape :confounded:

So I’m curious if RT has a signature feature or equivalent, as this forms an important part of my workflow. :relaxed: Thanks!

Yes, RawTherapee has a watermark feature but only in the newwavelets development branch. Although it works well, I prefer adding watermarks with GIMP because that’s easier and better controllable. Just use the Send to GIMP button after processing in RT.

Thank you @paulmatth I’ll have to explore that button and GIMP of course :cold_sweat:

However, this sounds like a tedious extra task don’t you think? I also don’t like the fact that I have to go to an Adobe-Photoshop-like software just to get my SVG batched in.

Imagine processing say a thousand photos, do I go this route or am I getting ahead of myself?

Update: I can’t seem to find the “Send to GIMP” button. Also, what’s a newwavelets devt branch?

There is no usable watermark solution in RawTherapee.

Thanks Morgan for reminding me about this.
I’m curious though on what you use or how you batch in your signature (if you do this)?

I made a large watermark using Inkscape and I apply it with appropriate downscaling and offset using digiKam’s “Batch Queue Manager”. The watermark functionality in the BQM leaves a lot to be desired, but it’s enough for my needs.

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I disagree here. The development branch called newwavelets has a workable and usable watermark feature. It needs to be polished a bit, but in a couple of days this feature can be part of RT.

@paulmatth, that’s good to know. Can’t wait for newwavelets!

Honestly this has re-piqued my interest in #digikam.
However, it seems that a lot of steps are required just to install the app on either OS X or Win :anguished:

The steps for installing RawTherapee are as simple as for any other program.
If you’re talking about compiling your own code to test the under-development branch newwavelets, that’s an entirely different thing to “just to install”, though even in this regard RT is one of the easier to compile programs, with accurate and up to date documentation on the procedure.

I think @mgco is actually referring to digikam.

Hello, for who’s curious, I wrote a little illustrated article about how to add a watermark in RawTherapee using wavelets. (This is with the newwavelet dev-branch).
Welcome to my little photo palace!

@patdavid ah I can’t tell the two apart anymore it seems :stuck_out_tongue: It has been a long time since digiKam released new Windows builds.
@mgco you can open a request for a new Windows build of digiKam here Log in to KDE Bugtracking System

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In my opinion, for anyone who would use RawTherapee as RAW developer, and possibly as only software from start to end product, a possibility of inserting a watermark is an essential feature.
I read here that there is such a feature thru newwavelets, and it is written a few months ago,
but can’t find it in my RT version on Xubuntu - latest unstable from Dariusz Duma.
Can anyone point out where i can find it - or how to get/install it ?
Thanks in advance !

In the newwavelet branch:
Compilation: Linux - RawPedia


@Morgan_Hardwood, many thanks for the answer.
i will look into it.