How does one emulate the LR's clarity slider in RT?


I don’t think we’ve had an abandoned warehouse PlayRaw yet. :wink:

(Stampede) #22

@afre LOL! We have a lot of abandoned buildings around where I live. I can come up with one for you. The picture that prompted this question though is my latest artistic masterpiece, and is very NSFW so I’m reluctant to post the raw file. I can come up with another one from a grimy building though.

And everyone else…thanks for the ideas. I’ll mess around and see what I like best. I’ve started to use Local Contrast in RT and am pretty happy with the results so far.

(Sebastien Guyader) #23

Would it be possible to add a slider, or equalizer, to confine Local Contrast to midtones? There are already two sliders for Darkness for and Lightness, though I don’t know how they really work.

(Alberto) #24

@sguyader it should be possible, yes. I’ll see what I can do. the two sliders are there to scale the effect on dark/light areas, they are useful to mitigate halos in high contrast edges

(Christian Kanzian) #25

Maybe it is something different?

This filter was added to the local contrast modul in darktable a year ago or so.

Combined with the equalizer it does a nice job.

(Sebastien Guyader) #26

@agriggio That’s what I thought w.r.t. the darkness and lightness sliders. What I realised is that if I lower both sliders, then the no local contrast applied, i.e. the midtones the is included in darkness and lightness. Maybe if the midtones were untouched by these sliders, local contrast could be maintained in this range while keeping the ability to reduced its action in shadows and highlights?

(Phil Howcroft) #27

Wavelet contrast . I must try that . I only tend to use wavelets for removing RAW noise .

Any other nice to use gems in wavelets ?

(Morgan Hardwood) #28


(Phil Howcroft) #29

Wow just recovered some highlights in residual . Fabulous