how to animate plasma

(Adam Earle) #1

How are people animating this effect so it changes over time like rolling clouds?

Thanks Ad


(Antonio) #2

I don’t think you can animate the Plasma node in that way. Each frame it generates a new image. You can do this using the SeNoise node. See this setup below:

You can animate the Z0 or Z Slope node. In my node setup I have three SeNoise nodes that are given a colour by merging it with a red, green, or blue Solid node.


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(Adam Earle) #3

Champion. Bloody brilliant. Just a touch late.

I ended up just rendering out noise on a plane in Blender loading a Place holder sequence into natron and just over right the placeholder sequence. I used EEVEE so the whole thing kinda worked alot/ way way faster than natron could.

Point of Interest:
Scrubbing the timeline and keyframing in Natron sucks balls compared to Blender.