How to compile G’MIC lib with MSVC2015?


@Tobias_Fleischer and @David_Tschumperle

Thank you both for your help.
I think I’m through with my current set of issues :wink:

It’s possible to set the global variable _path-rc at runtime. So, no problems on that part any more.

For the inplace issue, it’s been solved by using version 2.0.

For the last issue, it’s not the delete_external that is crashing, but an error in the code.
I had copied this line from the uselibc example:

gmic_interface_image images[1];

When there is more than one image, the stack cleanup at the end of the method crashes.
Changing to

gmic_interface_image images[100];

solves the issue at the cost of a little memory overhead.