How to enable Gimp 2.10 to show `Python-Fu` under `Filters`?

I have installed Gimp 2.10.30 onto Ubuntu MATE 22.04. But I see just Script-Fu option here. What should I do to be able to write Python-Fu scripts and run them? (I also need intellisence while writting scripts, not just syntax highlighting).

Not difficult: Go here: Release Gimp Launcher with Python2 and MathMap AppImages · TasMania17/Gimp-Appimages-Made-From-Debs · GitHub

Download this appimage gimp-python2-overlay-launcher-ubuntu22.04.AppImage 27MB

Move it to somewhere convenient, make it executable, run it and it launches your Gimp 2.10.30 and adds python2 support. (you also get the old MathMap plugin, just ignore if not needed)

Stock ubuntu not the best but if you can make a .desktop file for the appimage and add to your menu system all the better.

I do have some notes and YT videos on the subject here: Gimp 2.10 and Ubuntu 22.04

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Thanks! Is it planned to move to Python 3?

AFAIK not for Gimp 2.10 maybe wait for Gimp 3

Our python guru Ofnuts says the Gimp 2.99 python 3 API not yet stable.

Gimp 2.99/3.00 use Python V3. However for the time being the interface is missing things for the simple scripts (the auto-generated dialog to obtain parameter is still missing many things) and some important things still change (like the sudden ability to have several layers selected). So my porting efforts have a bit waned for the time being.

Never tried to code my Python scripts in a big IDE. One problem is that the Gimp modules (gimpfu, gimpcolor) are only available when the Python code is called by Gimp. This also makes using a debugger difficult, so it’s back to the 90s ways of code development for me (which is still miles above the 60s-era that you get when you use Script-fu/Scheme)