How to *reasonably* emphasize crepuscular rays

Hey everybody,

I’ve just been away for another work trip, and have at least 1 image I intend to share as a play_raw, but it occurs to me I never did a comprehensive thank you for all your efforts on this one - I just clicked “like” for several versions.

Thank you, all, for taking the time to play with this tricky (for me) image, and in many cases sharing your reasoning. There is no one right rendition, merely what you decide upon as an artist with your toolkit. I particularly liked renditions by @age and @Suki2019; however maybe that also is down to the monitor I use, and the extent of my visual degeneration (cataract formation). I also note the issue of our own perception versus what is actually measured - thank you @priort and @elGordo for the discussion.

I’m also acutely aware that sometimes I post more play-raws than I contribute versions of those posted by others. It’s not out of a lack of wanting to contribute, I just often cannot produce an image that adds anything beyond what has already been shared by others. Sorry if this is over-sharing - maybe I’m just feeling a bit maudlin :wink:


My version…

2023-07-27_16-30-21.09_DSC6273.nef.xmp (17.4 KB)


I think Color Look Up Table to be very effective to correct luminosity of precise colors, here is my render:

2023-07-27_16-30-21.09_DSC6273.nef.xmp (25.8 KB)


And here is my version ( still experimenting/playing
with extreme values in the filmic module):

2023-07-27_16-30-21.09_DSC6273.nef.xmp (7.5 KB)

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

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@Claes, That is positively surreal! :astonished:
Maybe negatively surreal, given the whitish colours around the rocks! :wink: