Image display rendering seems compressed

After viewing my thumbnails, I double click on an image to begin editing. The now enlarged imaged seems compressed and doesn’t have the detail/sharpness of the original image. If I was to save the image with no adjustments and view the converted image it is sharp!

But just viewing the images in RT how am I suppose to see/judge my images? Thanks

Welcome to the forum! If you are new to RT, please read Eek! My Raw Photo Looks Different than the Camera JPEG. Basically, the original thumbnail is the preview image from the raw file. Once you start processing the image, the thumbnail will be replaced by your edits. Most open-source raw processors don’t do much to the raw file, so the appearance is bland, unlike commercial products, which already do a lot of work in secret.

Yes I see and understand that. Its that the image is somewhat blurry, nor sharp. It makes me think I missed focus at time of capture, but looking at the images in any other software it is sharp.

Another factor could be the resizing algorithm. Have you tried viewing the image at 100%?

yes, looks better at 100%. Just viewing the images on other software they seem more “detailed”. But like I said, the saved image from RT looks as good as the image does in other software. I wish it looked that clear/sharp while I was in Editor in RT.

Please take a look at this thread to know where the problem comes from, and that it is not trivial to solve: RAW preview in Editor window is blurry

ok thanks