Image Stacking for Noise Reduction

Looks like there is no hdrmerge for ubuntu 16.10 only 16.04 in the ppa. Gonna see if I can find a deb file I can install

That being said, could we please come to the agreement that enfuse doesn’t produce HDR files? Thanks.

It was someone called houz who committed on 2 Mar 2016 this lines:

This script uses enfuse to merge the selected images into one HDR and imports the result.
It only works on ldr images (like, JPEG).

Perhaps you should fix the description in the script. :wink:

Oooooh :scream:

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What a loser. My excuse being that I wrote the script for someone else and never used enfuse myself before, so I trusted the users input about what it’s good for in the first place. :smiley:


Spoken like a true developer :wink: how could you be wrong?!

Anyhow, does anyone think a lua script to do stacking (for noise reduction) with say hdrmerge or something is possible. I will look to see how hard it is to start learning lua if it’s possible.

If you can do it with HDRMerge it should be possible to write a dt Lua script.
This is how your ToDo list sould look like:

  1. Install HDRMerge.

  2. Test if it is possible with HDRMerge.

  3. Try do do it via the commandline:
    HDRMerge User Manual v0.4.5

  4. Write the Lua script.

  5. Push the Lua script to the githup repository.

Lua is definitely a nice language to learn. I’ve read a hardcopy of Programming in Lua (for evaluation for a project that wasn’t realized) and there are some eye-opening “tricks” in it even for an experienced programmer coming from non-functional languages. Certainly worth a read.

There is a new and better enfuse script proposed on the dev mailing list, maybe worth a look: [darktable-dev] Darktable 2.2.X Plugin Enfuse Professional

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That looks cool. I keep get a compression exception error though. It did work once with 8-bit uncompressed (non-gpu remapped) format. I will put up a error report.

I was so impressed with Holger’s LUA script I did this week’s episode on it. Not sure if Holger is part of this community, but I sure appreciate the effort.

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Fantastic Harry!

In step 2 you say “exivtool” but I think you mean “exiftool.”

Ha… fixed :wink:

@harry_durgin is the script working for you everytime. Im getting errors on and off when using it for hdr. Cant seem to getbit to use 16bit tif. Have to use 8 bit but still get random failures

I haven’t tried all the options, but I have been using 16bit tif without issues. Could it be an issue with a package needing updating?

Here’s a better link to the author

I read about a 16th century cult which went around slapping people with a large trout whenever they wrote of some error without actually pasting the exact error message. Good thing we don’t live in the dark ages anymore!


I didnt ask for help here on the issue. I simply said I was having issues. If you read up further you will see I mentioned the errors I was getting and also that i was going to put up a error report in the correct location.

Resurrecting this as I just finished the first pass on a script to add HDRMerge as an option under “Selected Images” module in darktable’s lighttable. I’m working off windows, so right now that’s what it supports. I’ve asked the devs for support on the email list for some aid regarding a few things, but hopefully we’ll have something that can begin testing eventually.

(I’ve also hacked up Holger’s enfuse_pro in an attempt to get it running on windows. Which it now does do, but it isn’t pretty for the time being. Needs a lot more testing on the various features supported)

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New thread discussing HDRMerge plugin for darktable

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