Importing lightroom *.dcp camera profiles possible?

I recently started with photography (again) and I am new to darktable and RAW.

Just one question: is it possible to import *.dcp camera profiles that where written for Lightroom into Darktable?

Just came across somebody that created Canon camera styles for Sony cameras. It sounds very interesting.

No, you cannot use the dcp in darktable.

I converted them to icc using dcp2icc.

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Thinking about it more deeply, it might be like opening a can of worms. The camera profile is one thing, but individual lenses also add their style.

Example, the Sony kit 28-70mm zoom is already much ‘warmer’ than my ol’ Canon FD lens.

Can you prove that?

You could set up an automatic colour correction for that camera/lens combination.

dcamprof also does it, and gives you the opportunity to explore the labyrinthine world of dcp to boot…


Nice one. I’ll explore this over the weekend.

Oh, and Torger’s documentation is also worthwhile. In fact, I’ve spent more quality time with it than with the software itself:

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Can you prove that?

Yes I could. Maybe one day I do that and take some comparing images. The Sony kit give me a slight warmer tint than the ol’ Canon or a Laowa.

And to the other comments, this is where one problem comes in, I often use manual lenses, so no EXIF data in the image file. I sometimes do add the lens to the EXIF (pain in the *** job, why can’t Darktable do that?).

Further, there is always some afterwork with Darktable (or whatever) and you can change tonality etc anyway.

If any Sony person is interested, here is the topic with the *.dcp files for various Sony cameras. It got updated several times and the latest should be near the bottom.

I little change of plan. I do like to try the *.dcp camera profile - but with Rawtherapee. RT can handle *.dcp. I put the dcp into the /dcpprofiles/ folder.

But how can I change the camera profile in RT? I don’t see that option. Does the profile name need to exactly match the camera?

Doh! Found it.

Click the folder icon next to “Sony A7 Juan.dcp” and select your dcp.

Also, to auto-match, your profile file name must exactly match your camera name as it appears in the exif.

@ Marctwo
Thanks. I leave at ‘my’ name. So I have the option to use that Canon profile, or not. So far I am not 100% sure it will really work. Once I know I can still change it. So far it looks nice though. Good news for all Sony A**** users.

Even if you have an auto-match you can still choose a custom profile if you like as in your screenshot.